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February 28, 2017, 05:03 PM

Reclaim natural elements in 2017 garden design

By Shirley Kay

Antique French limestone garden bench B.C.A. Materiaux Anciens

Two Bathstone masks. One lion, one classical. Wharton Antiques
Stone urns on plinths Architectural Forum
Sandstone cider mill Warehouse 701

New York, USA - Garden design trends for 2017 have shown renewed interest in the use of more natural elements in gardens such as wood and stone rather than new surfaces like concrete. A garden created with care for the environment and mind and body is key. Antique and reclaimed weathered elements blend well with nature and are made to last. Homesteading is becoming more popular again with edible plants, hens and plants with natural dye colours . Mix old and new. A mash up is now considered acceptable and can add a unique wow factor into a modern garden.

The garden has become another room of the house. Add a touch more comfort and warmth with lights, blankets, natural seating, oven, fireplace or garden shed to rest or work in and make the garden a space to play and relax in all year round.

Jan Johnsen, professional landscape designer and an award-winning instructor at the New York Botanical Garden, understands the importance of these natural elements to help create that all important outdoor space, however small, it can become a much needed sanctuary of quiet beauty. She finds stone calming and sitting on a stone bench can ground you and she feels will help align to you the earth's electromagnetic pulse. Jan is inspired by the ancient tradition of Japanese gardens. She understands that natural stone can talk and recommends the place your very first stone should be is the best spot to enjoy a garden from. A well placed stone is a happy stone and the rest of the garden design will flow from this special stone.

See the link below to find garden design inspiration from Jan Johnsen's blog and from her new book, The Spirit of Stone - 101 Practical and Creative Stonescaping Ideas for Your Garden by Jan Johnsen. Published February 2017 St. Lynn's Press.

For more 2017 garden trends see the Garden Design Magazine newsletter link or subscribe for regular updates.

Images show a few unique antique and reclaimed stone garden pieces currently for sale on the SalvoWEB online marketplace, where you will also find lots of reclaimed stone and wood to design your own natural garden.

Jan Johnsen garden blog
Garden Design Magazine: 2017 Trends in Garden Design By Pam Penick

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