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DIY reclaimed wood projects

Coffeetable top is made from an old gym floor © Historische Bauelement

Iowa, USA - Reclaimed wood is both unique and comes with a past life all of its own. The holiday season is approaching fast so why not fill some of those spare hours with an interesting, useful and possibly money...

John Van Nost the Younger features in a new Irish book

Justice by John Van Nost the Younger at Dublin Castle [photo CC-SA J H Janßen

Co Dublin, Ireland (Rep.) - John van Nost the younger (1713-1780) was born in London, son of John Nost II who was apprenticed to his cousin, the Flemish John van Nost the Elder, a Huguenot refugee lead worker and sculptor who fl...

Did the Red House front door lock come from France?

Red House oak-cased front door rimlock [photo © TK Salvo

Kent, UK - Philip Webb designed the Red House built by William Kent of Bermondsey in 1859 for William Morris. The front door has an oak-cased iron rimlock with the back edge chamfered down to a tail planted on a...

Men of the Stones given a talk about durability testing

Maurice Rogers: Sandstone porosity against density [screengrab © Natural Stone Specialist

Warwickshire, UK - Tests to indicate the likelihood that a building stone will fail in some way have been sought and tried throughout history. Porosity is one of many characteristics used, and density another. The ancie...

Test wall used half lime mortar half OPC from 2,352 stone types

The NBS bookmatched natural ashlar stone test wall [photo NIST

Maryland, USA - A test stone sample wall constructed in 1948 by the National Bureau of Standards in Washington DC was subsequently relocated (possibly in two sections) in 1977 to the National Institute of Standards a...

Off-grid antiques and salvage at Gaze architectural auction

Water filter £42, spirit kettle £85, and feed boiler £85 - antiques for off-grid living [photo © Gaze

Norfolk, UK - A cluster of stationary engines which sold at last Saturday's architectural salvage auction at T W Gaze in Diss provided the top lot at the sale, and gave the idea of picking out lots which fit the th...

Salvo Fair - Fri 23, Sat 24 and Sun 25 June 2017 at Henley

A new logo for 2017

Oxfordshire, UK - The dates for the next Salvo Fair to be held once again by kind arrangement of Sir William and Lady McAlpine at Fawley Hill near Henley-on-Thames on the weekend of Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th June, ...

The carbon benefit of reusing reclaimed building material

UN emissions gap report 2013

London West, UK - The energy cost of producing new construction products is reduced when reclaimed ones are reused instead of new, and this helps to reduce carbon dioxide and other emission which in turn helps prevent ...

Dreamy ammonites wiped out by asteroid, free to $100k

Asteroceras ammonite from Lyme Regis with traces of ammonitic sutures [photo TK Salvo

West Sussex, UK - Ammonites were named after the ram's horns of the god Ammon by Pliny the Elder - the adventurous Greek naturalist who died during the eruption of Vesuvius, famously saying that fortune favoured the br...

How to buy and style reclaimed lighting

Artists Residence Brighton ©Style Salvo

London West, UK - Can you spot the architectural light? Now spot the decorative light. I wouldn't have been able to identify these lights before I started renovating my flat, but as I am now versed in planning lighting...

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