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Gaze architectural auction offers plenty of rooms for the garden

Lot No: 6217 An early 20th Century rustic summer house by Henry and Julius Caesar est. 1871 in Knutsford, Cheshire Est 4,000-6,000

Norfolk, UK - An early 20th century rustic summerhouse, a mobile garden room and a shepherds hut are all for sale at T W Gaze's architectural salvage and statuary auction on Saturday. Put a bid on one to secure you...

The Guardian presents its five top reclamation yards

Garden statuary at Wells Reclamation [photo Wells Reclamation

Somerset, UK - On the list for the national newspapers top places to buy architectural salvage was Wells Reclamation, Beeston Reclamation, Cox's Yard, Wilsons Reclamation and Lassco. The Guardian said this about Wel...

SalvoWEB main server issues and solutions

Somerset, UK - The new main server was put online and went live on 14 April and it seems to be performing well. Most of the software was changed or upgraded to newer versions, a result of which was various glitches ...

Harry from Wilsons Reclamation chats to SalvoNEWS

Harry Wilson is now running Wilsons Reclamation for his parents Clive and Pamela Wilson [photo WRS

Cumbria, UK - At 22 Harry Wilson has tried University, working as a Scottish game keeper and in a cheese shop. In December 2012 he settled on the idea of helping his parents run Wilsons Reclamation at Yew Tree Barn...

Another reason to reuse salvage

Graph from new study which shows Temperature (K) vs Time (Years)

West Sussex, UK - A new study has been added to the overwhelming body of evidence which suggests that climate change is, for the most part, due to human activity. Most of the current evidence advocating the idea tha...

Wellers Original Architectural sale exceeds all expectations

A 20thC bronze aluminium fountain did well at Wellers auction on Saturday. Est. 800-1200. Hammer Price 2,100

Gloucestershire, UK - On Saturday 12 April 2014 Wellers Auctioneers Ltd teamed up with The Original Architectural Antique Company for "An Unreserved Auction of Architectural Antiques & Garden Statuary" in Cirencester, Glou...

Mid Century modern chairs on a budget

Artek 60 [photo Rachel Keeley

London South East, UK - Mid Century - the definitive enewsletter guide to modern furniture - has published this year two features on 1940s - 1960s chairs by Rachel Keeley. Artek, makers of the iconic 60s Artek stool, has sta...

Extraordinary swan song for upcycled pianos staircase

Piano staircase

Lothian, UK - The reuse of two deconstructed upright pianos to make a staircase is shown on the kilometre zero running eye blog. Old pianos are often just dumped or even burnt - as SalvoNEWS reported a few years ag...

Reclaimed design inspiration from creatives

Rizzoli New York: The Inspired Home: Nests of Creatives

New York, USA - Design inspiration incorporating elements of both old and new has been featured in a new book The Inspired Home, Nests of Creatives by Kim Ficaro and Todd Nickey published by Rizzoli, New York....

Every piece of salvage has a 'Salvage Secrets' story

Joanne Palmisano with Bill Raymer [photo 4 Restoration Resources

Massachusetts, USA - Joanne Palmisano, award-winning interior designer and internationally acclaimed author of Salvage Secrets: Transforming Reclaimed Materials Into Design Concepts joined the first annual Boston d...

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