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Price drop hits luxury reclaimed apartment interiors in New York

Mickey Drexler's Tribeca apartment with reclaimed pine wall cladding in original paint [photo AD

New York, USA - The well-crafted interior, which included input by artist salvageur Thierry Despont, of the 6,000sqft Tribeca loft apartment of J Crew CEO's Mickey Drexler is for sale on Franklin Street. Originally p...

Collage House, Mumbai - salvage encased in a garb of modernity

Collage House, Novi Mumbai [photo S+PS

Maharashtra (inc Bombay), India - Pinkish Shah and his design team at S+PS Architects have completed Collage House, a cool-looking melange, part concrete and part reclamation for a client in the smart model city of Navi Mumbai. The...

Anthrax - a SalvoNEWS update

Anthrax snippet in SalvoNEWS 109 in 1997 [ salvo

UK - Those with a nervous disposition please look away now. In the decades of the 1970s and 80s when the author was running businesses involved in the restoration of antique chairs and the use of hair ...

Antiques Young Guns competition to win a Salvo Fair pitch

Oxfordshire, UK - Antiques Young Guns and Salvo are running a competition for the second year running for members to win a pitch at Salvo Fair 2016. Last year's winner was Chloe Rymer from Molly and Maud's Place. She s...

Salvo Fair Hats off to Women - Jackie Herald

London North West, UK - This week's Hats off to Women features is about Jackie Herald, a landscape designer whose projects use antique garden ornament, old garden furniture and reclaimed materials and a freelance writer on a...

My shoe wardrobe for a reclaimed sink

Reclaimed sink Style Salvo

London West, UK - Lulled into a false sense of ceramic security by the fact my mum had a Belfast sink in her back garden (don't most mums?!), I was expecting a kitchen sink to be one of the easiest things to source. I...

Salvo Fair Hats off to Women - Debbie Kedge

Debbie at Salvo Fair 2005 [photo Salvo

Gloucestershire, UK - Debbie Kedge writes for us in this week for Hats off to Women. Debbie was the linchpin of a well established Stroud reclamation yard known to all as Reclamation Services, then Minchinhampton Architect...

Elham Antiques brings ancient wooden exotica to Salvo Fair

Carved pine figure [photo Elham

Kent, UK - Julian Chambers of Elham Antiques, who is famed for his shepherd's huts and has a penchant for the big and exotic, is planning to bring some stiff leaf Nashian columns, big floriated corbels, a large ...

Fidler not on the roof - his castle is not being demolished

Fidler on the roof, probably tiling it

Surrey, UK - Robert Fidler, now 67, quoted in national newspapers as admitting defeat in his long running battle with planners from Reigate & Banstead Council and shown in photos to be demolishing his famed castle...

Chinese architectural salvage topics covered in an old website

Antique Chinese doors [photo Roger Schwendeman

China - Came across an old website created by Pittsburgh-based Roger Schwendeman around 2008, but still live as we went to press, so to speak, all about Chinese antiques, including some architectural salvage ...

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