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May 04, 2017, 12:27 PM

Wrought iron estate gates and a compound column head Gaze

By Thornton Kay

19thC wrought iron estate gates [photo Gaze

Gothic compound stone column [photo Gaze
Victorian cast iron porch [photo Gaze
Stone spiral staircase [photo Gaze

Norfolk, UK - The importance of width for pairs of antique wrought gates is paramount. In last Saturday's architectural salvage and statuary sale, the top lot was a pair of locally-made 'Barnard Norwich' 19th century estate gates, with arrow-topped dog bars, upset heel bars and pleasantly scrolling surmounts. But the width, at 134 inches, was key to the hammer price achieved of 2,400 (2,832 inc 15% buyer's premium plus vat) above the 1,000 to 1,500 estimate.

Carved stone compound columns can often be found in crypts or undercrofts of ecclesiastical buildings - but not that often in salvage yards. A column carved as a cluster of four, quatrefoil in plan, with a simple base, two shaft pieces, and a floriate capital in the early gothic style and catalogued as Corinthian, at around six feet tall sold for 2,000.

A hard-to-find Victorian cast iron porch, with six barleytwist columns four fully rounded and two engaged having fluted lower sections and acanthus capitals, together with some diamond lattice and simple iron panels, sold for an above-estimate 1,700.

Antique stone spiral staircases are also hard to find and not so easy to sell, so full marks to Rob Kinsella in estimating the York stone spiral steps at Gaze's at between 1,500 to 2,200 which found a buyer at 1,600.

A 6ft lead and zinc Mercury, messenger of the gods, after Giambologna on a red sandstone plinth, complete with winged heels and aesculpius, fetched 1,200. He points at Jupiter. Giambologna made the original c1580 for the Villa Medici in Rome.

Two Ewarts roof ventilators sold for 850. These fabulous, but now rarely needed, contraptions were made entirely of copper and came in heights ranging from 33ins to 138ins and were connected by pipes to the room below in order to remove vitiated air created by gas lighting and gas or coal or wood-fired heating. Ewarts catalogue in 1906 stated that 'they will last as long as buildings of the most permanent construction' and were 'constructed of stout hardened copper' which did not need 'constant repainting to keep them in repair'.

There were 468 lots in the sale of which 84% sold. The next Bygones sale is on 3rd June, the next architectural sale on 1 July (the Saturday following Salvo 2017) followed by Modern Design on 8 July.

T W Gaze Llp

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