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March 30, 2015, 12:35 PM

UK Code for Sustainable Homes ditched last week

By Thornton Kay

Salvo promoting reuse of reclaimed in the 1993 Salvo Directory [image Salvo

London South West, UK - The BRE's flagship housebuilding sustainability protocol since 2008, known as the Code for Sustainable Homes, which gives points for the reuse of reclaimed building materials and has been adopted by many local planning authorities as the benchmark for new planninf approvals, has been ditched by the government.

A radical shake-up of housing standards given Royal Assent on Friday 27 March, will mean planners can no longer demand a Code Level 3, 4, 5 or 6 as a planning condition for residential developments. The abolition comes in response to the Housing Standards Review consultation and forms part of the government's wider mission to cut housing regulations by 90 per cent. All energy requirements for homes will now be contained within the Building Regulations which are set to be ramped up to a minimum equivalent to Code Level 4.

Developments already in the planning system may continue to use the code, and the BRE - which is responsible for assessing compliance with the standard - has said it will continue to certify schemes.

Gwyn Roberts at BRE, said: 'The code has been a catalyst for significant positive change in house building - it created a step change in standards, knowledge, products and skills within the sector. However, the code as a Government standard, hasn't resonated with consumers as this is key to really driving the market further forward. BRE is now working with the industry to do this.'

Last year SalvoNEWS wrote about a Code 5 project shown on TV where the owners reused bathroom fittings from Mongers which meant they were required under the CSH points system to add more insulation:

There was another problem, which was discussed on film by McCloud, Fox and Coster, but which was not included in the TV show: Tracy wanted to gain a Code for Sustainable Homes rating of 5, and was on track to achieve this, but only if she had installed a brand new bathroom, made with water efficiency in mind - small cistern, spray taps and so on. So another part of the 'hell' of fitting the old suite was the need to install extra insulation to compensate for the less water efficient antique sanitary ware. Apparently, but not in the TV show, Kevin McCloud made the point, to camera, that it was ironic that reusing an old bathroom suite was not considered sustainable, while making new fixtures in China and shipping them to the UK, was.

Tracy and the multicoloured mishmash of gorgeousness from Mongers

Real sustainability 1: The reuse of reclaimed building material

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