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February 27, 2014, 04:26 PM

Secrets of Soho House revealed in a new book

By Shirley Kay

Vintage Iceboxes Vintage Fridge

Soho House, Berlin Communist era lighting Trainspotters

London West, UK - Soho House, a private members' club, opened its doors seventeen years ago to provide a haven away from the hustle and bustle of London for those in the film and media industry. The company has learned what it takes to make its members feel at home and has given away some of its secrets in a new book, Eat Drink Nap. The foreword is by founder Nick Jones with photos by Mark Seelen and Jean Cazals which combine to make a perfect coffee table book. Apart from great images it also includes practical advice on how to cook Soho House recipes, how to throw a party, mix a cocktail, or make a room stylish and even get the lighting right.

The Soho club interior has long been an inspiration to designers and private home owners alike. It provides a quintessentially English homely style. The interior with chandeliers, reclaimed wood panelling, old leather armchairs, Chesterfield sofas, antique fireplaces and statement architectural features reminds one of the elegance of a bygone era. However the styling combines reuse with a very contemporary feel which Soho House describe as grit, glamour and style with cosiness.

Popularity of the Soho House brand has led to expansion into Europe and North America. So examples of reuse can now be seen throughout the world. New York Soho House famously has a bar salvaged from a super yacht. New York architectural salvage dealer, Demolition Depot, supplied items for Soho House in New York, and in the UK, Salvo code dealers have been supplying the Soho group with salvaged items too. Trainspotter's supplied communist era lighting to Soho House Berlin and pendant and bulkhead wall lights to Shoreditch in London. Vintage Fridge supplies the Soho House group worldwide with carefully refurbished antique wooden ice boxes fitted with modern refrigeration. Vintage Fridge advertises on

Soho House found some of its suppliers through SalvoNEWS and SalvoWEB so to create the Soho House style check out Salvo for salvaged items for your home. You may find the perfect antique leather Chesterfield on which to relax and enjoy one of the delicious cocktail recipes from Eat Drink Nap.

Published by Preface, 'Eat Drink Nap: Bringing the house home' is available now for 30.

Vintage Fridge Company

Demolition Depot


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