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January 14, 2015, 05:34 PM

Reasons to love wrought iron

By Shirley Kay

Wrought iron UK Architectural Heritage showroom Salvo

Reclaimed wrought iron fencing [Photo Reclaimed World
Art Nouveau gate [Photo Historische Bauelement
Victorian wrought iron [Photo Courtyard at Debden

Wyoming, USA - Railing (or fencing in the U.S.) and gates made from wrought iron are beautiful with simple elegance or decorative scrolls and curves, shaped artistically by artisan blacksmiths or designed by named artists or architects and made to a higher much finer quality. Handworked designs are desirable and command higher prices compared to the cheaper alternative of cast iron (or molded iron in the U.S.) shaped by pouring molten iron into moulds.

Wrought iron can be found in a wide range of design styles from farm to baroque, georgian, victorian, arts and crafts, art nouveau to modern. This flexibility in design enables wrought iron to work well with both modern and traditional styles so it can suit a home's boundary or internal garden feature. It also makes a stylish interior design choice for room features or dividers inside the home.

Wrought iron is a generic term for wrought iron or wrought steel, usually determined by the date of manufacture. Pre 1920 is usually wrought iron, and post 1920 is usually wrought steel. Wrought iron with its protective slag coating is usually considered more durable than wrought steel, provided the mill scale coating has not been removed by shotblasting.

The utility of wrought iron comes from its durability and strength so making it long lasting and easy to maintain. It has rust resistance and can be painted. Its durability makes it a secure boundary while still having the advantage of allowing light onto the property. This strength is good especially if you have children or dogs, and is an ecofriendly choice because it lasts for many years and is easy to repair which particularly applies too if you buy antique, reclaimed or salvaged wrought iron which can add value to your home.

Wrought iron railing and gates can be found for sale online at SalvoWEB.
See the Salvo directory for local architectural salvage yard suppliers near you and wrought iron restorers using traditional skills such as Topp & Co. Design ideas for the garden or home can be found on Pinterest at salvowebpins.
For more reasons to love wrought iron see Networx, a US website offering resources and tools for home improvement projects.

Reclaimed World

Chris Topp & Co Ltd

UK Architectural Heritage

Historische Bauelemente

Courtyard at Debden Barns

Networx: 11 Reasons Why We Love Wrought Iron Fencing
Real Wrought Iron Co: What is wrought iron

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