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May 28, 2015, 07:25 PM

Oxborrow shepherd's hut sells for 3,400 at Gaze's bygones sale

By Thornton Kay

Mazawattee tea, estimate 15 sold for 130 [photo Gaze

Shepherd's hut [photo Gaze
Oxborrow Maker Norton [photo Gaze
Green machinist's lamp, estimated at 30 sold for 140 [photo Gaze

Norfolk, UK - A nineteenth century and later corrugated iron barrel-roofed tapering vertical planked shepherd's hut, on a wooden chassis with iron wheels, sold for 3,700 (plus buyer's premium) at Gaze's rural and domestic bygones sale last Saturday. It had been estimated at 2,000 - 3,000. Attached to the base of the hut was an iron plate marked 'Oxborrow Maker Norton' which may have been for Harry Oxborrow who manufactured seed drills and horse hoes in Norton, Suffolk, according to The Little Book of Suffolk by Neil Storey.

The Mazawattee doublesided enamel leaf sign (highlighted in last week's SalvoNEWS) sold for ten times estimate 130, despite, or even perhaps because, of its rusty condition. A similar sign at the Shambles Museum in Newent was believed to have been sold during a four day auction of its contents in 2009.

Other items of note include lot 5203 some fire buckets which sold for 60, lot 5236 assorted lamps 60 (est 10), 5256 1944 Fordson tractor 1,700, 6163 a green machnist's lamp 140 (est 30), 6458 Cocoa sign 170 (est 60), and 6460 a revolving Dewhurst cotton reel display cabinet estimated at 380 which failed to sell.

The iron-wheeled chassis lot 5011, of which the photo was shown on the SalvoNEWS story last week, sold for 340 (estimated 140).

In all around 80% of lots sold.

T W Gaze Llp

Story Type:  Auction Report

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