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November 29, 2016, 03:11 PM

Off-grid antiques and salvage at Gaze architectural auction

By Thornton Kay

Water filter 42, spirit kettle 85, and feed boiler 85 - antiques for off-grid living [photo Gaze

Early 1900s stationary engine on groovy bogie 1,200 [photo Gaze
Twin privy seat 120 [photo Gaze
Off grid water lead and cast iron lift pump 15 [photo

Norfolk, UK - A cluster of stationary engines which sold at last Saturday's architectural salvage auction at T W Gaze in Diss provided the top lot at the sale, and gave the idea of picking out lots which fit the theme of next year's Salvo Fair which will be 'Off-grid living in the olden days'.

Things like antique stationary engines, chaff cutters, troughs, tanks, hip baths, coppers, gravity fed parafin dispenser, hand powered seed grinder, mangle, six light candle sconce chandelier, water bowser, log and wood burners, gypsy caravan stove, iron and lead water lift pumps, hand-operated petrol pump, double privy seat, servants bell pulls, a fine spirit kettle on stand, and a four gallon glazed stoneware cistern water filter Frederick Danchell's Patent by the London & General Water Purifying Co (see para below) which originally sold for 25/- in 1874 - and for 42 at Gaze's. All these off grid antiques and more would be great to see at Fawley next June, amongst all the other fine architectural, garden and decorative antiques and reclaimed building material. In 1881 the company advertised the patronage of British royalty of Queen Victoria at Osborne, Prince of Wales at Sandringham, Duke of Edinburgh at Eastwell, and Duke of Connaught at Bagshot Park. It seems the filter was filled with animal charcoal and placed in the full water tank of a house. The water was forced upwards through the perforated base and came out through a pipe in the lid from where it was attached to the house water supply.

Top lot of the sale was an early 1900s single cylinder water cooled heavy duty stationary engine suitable for belt drive to machinery or a electric generator which sold for a way over estimate 1,600 (plus 20% buyer's premium). It was sold on a large four cast iron small wheeled bogie with a steel bound boarded top. Elizabeth Talbot, one of the two auctioneers on Saturday, said that she did not think the engine reached its high price because of the value of the bogie, but because of the engines itself. "There was a lot of interest from stationary engine collectors beforehand, and I think that was what drove the price up," she said.

A pair of modern cast iron stags sold for 1,200 and third highest lot was an old wrought iron lectern which fetched a low estimate 1,100.

Frederick Hahn Danchell introduced a water testing kit in the 1860s to test for organic matter and chemical pollutants. Although it was believed from 1849 onwards that cholera was a water-borne disease, this did not have the support of the medical profession. They preferred an explanation of multiple causes, such as bad diet combined with poor ventilation,, living conditions and hygiene. The kit was made by the London and General Water Purifying Co which flourished from 1867-80.

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