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December 06, 2016, 09:38 AM

Of marble and men in my bathroom

By Sara Morel

Marble men shoe #salvies ©Style Salvo

Before: white glazed tiles ©Style Salvo
Marble floor in progress ©Style Salvo
After: crazy paving marble floor ©Style Salvo

London West, UK - The surrealist moment of my renovation has to be taking salvage shoe selfies, aka #salvies with these two… Beneath the marble dust stood sculptor John Joekes and Thornton Kay of SalvoWEB, taking a day out from their day jobs to craft something incredible with reclaimed marble scraps. Small bathrooms can pose a style challenge when we are not talking super sweet powder rooms or guest baths, of which interior inspiration galleries are a wash with! This is real London life, where you are lucky to find a bathroom big enough to swing a loofah.

Like a kitchen, your main bathroom needs to be functional, so every design detail in my bathroom had a purpose. My crazy paving marble floor might look like an act of freedom, but using scraps of different marble was incredibly practical. It saved the time it would have taken to source a single piece of reclaimed marble and also money as many reclamation yards have small quantities of marble.

I initially had grand schemes of knocking through to the shed to make a bathroom big enough to accommodate the antique canopy bath I had my eyes on at Mongers. Not all renovations lead to the grandeur of Rome, but we can thank the Romans for the style status of marble. Laying Italian marble over the white glazed tiles in the old bathroom gives even this small bathroom a bit of master bathroom style.

John Joekes

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman


John Joekes
Read how it started when I swapped Style(dot)com for Brokenbog(dot)com

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