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September 04, 2013, 09:52 AM

Interior trends: A bath in the bedroom

By Shirley Kay

Babington House, Somerset [Photo Drummonds Bathrooms

London South West, UK - Drummonds Bathrooms reports on the trend that top guest houses and boutique hotels are having a bath in the bedroom. Guests at these luxury hotels have enjoyed the experience so much it is now becoming a trend to install one in your own home.

It may have once been thought impractical but now with open plan living and its preferred feeling of space the idea has extended to the bedroom. To open up the bedroom you can knock down the partition wall and remove the en-suite bathroom. It can also be more relaxing or romantic to have a bath without leaving the comfort of the bedroom.

Practical matters include sorting out the safety issues such as the proximity of electrical sockets. Drummonds advises consulting an electrician at an early stage. Wooden or tile flooring or a plinth for the bath to sit on is also advised. Also remember to keep the room well aired to avoid damp issues. You may also prefer the design to include a concealed area for the toilet.

For further design advice contact Drummonds Bathrooms whose London showroom is in Chelsea with one in Notting Hill coming soon.

Also if you would like to find an antique, reclaimed or salvaged bathroom supplier local to you see SalvoWEB for links to more bathroom dealer websites.


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