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June 30, 2016, 06:53 PM

I love your style Bombe Antiques

By Sara Morel

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Oxfordshire, UK - Mother and daughter duo, Jack and Lily behind Bombe Antiques are the definition of deconstructed glamour.

I discovered Bombe Antiques at the Salvo Fair, where Lily recently won a pitch through the Antique Young Guns - a nurturing association for young members of the trade, like Lily that are bringing new style to the antiques industry. Not neglecting the style of Jack, who got into antiques after buying her first home in London. We instantly bonded over that and her ingenious mix of boyfriend jeans and Birkinstocks. A lesson in glamour, maintain polish, but embrace modernity. Jack restored a Victorian terrace to its former glory and business grew as others saw her style and wanted it for their interior projects, hotels, restaurants and private homes. Now based in Kent and sourcing across Europe, we took a second to talk style, antiques and Tom Cruise...

How would you describe the style of Bombe Antiques?

Bombe is rather eclectic, edgy and elegant. We tend to stock decorative pieces that would grace any home, we like to give variety.

Has what you look for when you source pieces changed as business has grown, or is it still about what you personally love?

I would say we still buy pieces we like, but we have introduced more high end pieces and we keep an eye out for on trend antiques.

How did Lily become a member of Antique Young Guns?

After learning of Antique Young Guns, Lily decided it would be a perfect fit to merge her love of antiques alongside the archeology degree she is currently studying for.

Most memorable Bombe Antiques moment so far?

Well there have been a few, one was meeting Gerard Depardieu in the Saint Ouen antique market, but I think the highlight has to be learning that 2 of our antiques are going to star alongside Tom Cruise in 'The Mummy'.

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