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September 15, 2016, 03:33 PM

I am a material muse

By Sara Morel

Josefin Landalv lampshades ©Yeshen Venema

Josefin Landalv lampshade ©Yeshen Venema
Keys, Coins & Other Treasures curtain ©Josefin Landalv
Alfred Newall's collection ©Style Salvo

London West, UK - "The material is usually my starting point and my muse" says Josefin Landalv, textile designer, weaver and printmaker.

"Where did it come from, what did it originally look like? Who shared its natural habitat? How was it processed, who processed it, how long has it travelled and what route did it travel? What are its weaknesses and its strengths and how can I elevate its vigour?"

Josefin's design process starts with these questions to awaken the imagination. And with that, it is instantly obvious why Josefin was selected as one of three designers to explore the potential of reclaimed material for LASSCO's London Design Week showcase. Josefin has created a capsule collection of five handwoven lampshades using paper yarn. The monochrome designs in different sizes and patterns were created without glue or stiffening agents, Josefin minimises environmental impact at every stage. Aesthetically influenced by her Scandinavian heritage, she says "the purpose of the design is almost always driven by the desire to meet someone else's needs", and above all, the global need of reducing environmental impact.

Also working as a research assistant for Textiles Environment Design at University of the Arts London, it is great to hear that Josefin is excited by the way many different disciplines from design to academia and science are collaboratively solving issues about how we source, manufacture, use and discard the things we own in sustainable ways. And with that she told me of the time she wove with discarded material.

"During my first few years in London, while doing a degree in textile design we were given a brief called 'Neighbourhood Colour'. I was very intrigued by all the different things I could find on the streets of London and decided to weave pennies, rusty keys and other bits of metal scraps into a woven copper and silk mesh. The random, forgotten keepsakes were trapped in small pockets inside the cloth creating a distinct square pattern. The final fabric was used to make curtains for a kitchen."

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Cargo Collective

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