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November 24, 2011, 07:01 PM

Gaze rural and domestic bygones sale next Saturday

By Thornton Kay

Lot 7253 Sleigh [photo Gaze

Lot 7012 Rhubarb or Kale Forcer [photo Gaze
Lot 8418 J. J. Blow Butter Churn [photo Gaze
Lot 8001 A beadle or beetle [photo Gaze

Norfolk, UK - Upcoming Xmas auction sales do not come much better than Gaze's November bygones sale. Amongst the 1,068 lots of farm bygones, hand tools, enamel signs, shepherdalia and a lot of other stuff beside.

The perfect gift for a rhubarb or kale grower? Gaze's has it - Lot 7012 Rhubarb forcer with lid for 100-150. Is it a kale forcer? Does it matter?

Or for the avid flagger what better than an old but perfect all wood beadle, or is it, as Gaze says, a 'beetle' - lot 8001 at 10-15? Does that matter either?

Or one for the those long winter evenings - lot 8418, a table top butter churn by J. J. Blow of Chesterfield c1940, as featured in Susan Ogilvy's seminal 1986 book 'Making Cheese at Home', a snip at 25-40.

Lastly but not leastly, the ultimate xmas gift - lot 7253, a bright blue wooden sleigh complete with horse shafts and carriage lamps last used in 1947 estimated at 350-525.

T W Gaze Llp

T W Gaze: Rural & Domestic Bygones 26 November 2011

Story Type:  Auction Report

ID: 63275

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