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August 08, 2017, 09:24 AM

Five questions with ATG

By Shirley Kay

Screenshot of ATG 5 Questions

Reclaimed Upcycled Kitchen island Beya Fontenay
Napoleon III footstool 1880 TallBoys
No 1 Lewes at Salvo 2017 No.1 Lewes

London South East, UK - A popular page in the weekly Antiques Trade Gazette is the Dealers' Diary and 5 questions with Frances Allitt is always a joy to read. The five answers from the featured dealers are a combination of lighthearted fun with some useful tips.

Many of the antiques dealers featured in Frances Allitt's Diary section who have answered the five questions posed have also been exhibitors at the Salvo fair. SALVO is the Original architectural salvage, reclaimed materials and antiques fair held once a year in June. Salvo attracts designers, architects, builders, collectors, renovators and the public alike. This has led to a Salvo fair attracting some of the best UK antiques dealers. Many such as No. 1 Lewes, La Place Antiques , Gary Wallis, Nikki Page, Antique French Chair & Sofa Co, Fontaine, Norfolk Decorative, 3details, Mike Chugg and Streett Marburg & Charlotte Casadejus also exhibit at the highly respected Battersea, London Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair. Plus you will find too up and coming young dealers exhibiting at Salvo such as Matt Dixon from TallBoy Interiors who recently answered his own five questions for ATG.

Another recent example has been Beya Fontenay, who when comparing fairs v shops v online recommended fairs like SALVO as the best way to achieve sales. The main reason being that a large number of contacts can be made. Sales achieved both at the time and afterwards. The customers can see and feel the quality of the stock. Plus they get to meet the dealer and build a relationship which may even result in them becoming a regular customer. Beya Fontenay also tweeted praise to Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman for her fantastic promotion of SALVO 2017. A broad range of features this year could be found in magazines from Reloved and Reclaim to Elle Decoration and World of interiors. Plus a mention in the London Evening Standard with SALVO 2017 being one of the top five things to do in the month of June in their Home and Property section.

Exhibitors also enjoy the chance to get together at a fair. It can be a chance to buy and sell to other dealers, catch up on news and views plus just plain fun to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Beya Fontenay really enjoy the atmosphere and the Salvo team received similar comments from many dealers including one who said, 'We had a blast!'

And to conclude on a frivolous note when asked if they prefer real ale or espresso martini Claire from Beya Fontenay said,' red wine'.

If you would like to be featured and answer your own 5 Questions then contact Frances Allitt at Antiques Trade Gazette.

And to find out more about Beya Fontenay, run by husband and wife team Claire and Jack, specialising in a fab selection of vintage industrial interiors and other the dealers mentioned see their SalvoWEB directory entry. Plus see just a few featured in the You Tube Salvo fair 2017 video at the link below.

Tallboy Interiors

Beya Fontenay

Antiques Trade Gazette

Antiques Trade Gazette
You Tube: Salvo Fair 2017

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