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November 12, 2015, 08:03 PM

Designing my reclaimed kitchen practical v pretty

By Sara Morel

Reclaimed noticeboard kitchen cabinets Style Salvo

London West, UK - Ever practical, I chose a glazed 1940s staff noticeboard salvaged from London's Kings Cross station to style as my kitchen cabinet. Not that I was intending to consume as many tubes of Tortilla chip Pringles as the decorators, but soon only pretty foods fitting my colour scheme will be allowed in my kitchen cabinet. Ha. Don't you just love the unrealistic goals one sets oneself in the middle of a renovation.

When I first started renovating my kitchen, I envisaged a glamorous throwback, a bit of disco Deco and pretty brass accents. I bought glass Deco lampshades from Architectural Forum and had my eye on these Jazz Moderne glass panels from a French apothecary to finish the sides of my noticeboard cabinet. I lost them to another bidder, but in hindsight it was a good thing as it forced me into more practical open shelves that show off the reclaimed wood from Pine Supplies and my noticeboard in its full glory.

I reused white appliances from the original kitchen, which could be considered another tick in the practical box. But white appliances are making a come-back and looked prettier with the reclaimed floorboard doors fitted to my old kitchen units. Reused kitchen carcass, white appliances, black and primary coloured cabinets, it is practically like the eighties never ended.

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Pine Supplies

Style Salvo

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