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November 08, 2016, 01:37 PM

Designing my pre-loved wardrobe

By Sara Morel

pre-loved Gucci bags ©Style Salvo

Kitchen before I transformed it into my wardrobe
Walk-in wardrobe ©Style Salvo
Mirrored doors ©Style Salvo

London West, UK - Gucci Gucci coo, I mean two… I recently bid on a few bags in the Designer Collection auction at Fellows and found myself the proud owner of two pre-loved Gucci Jackie bags. I am not one for seasonal designer handbags named after women, but Gucci's Jackie bag, named after first lady Jacqueline Onassis is a strong candidate for an It bag with timeless style to start my new wardrobe. Just like the Fellows jewellery auction preview back in June, I was pleasantly surprised by the estimates. Their Designer Collection auctions feature shoes, scarves, some clothing, but are mainly about the bags! A great way to get your hands on pre-loved Chanel, Celine, Balenciaga and of course Gucci which had me click-happy online bidding.

My plan to turn the kitchen into my wardrobe sounded as crazy as the idea of Melania making it as first lady and if we're going there, I would rather see Alessandro Michele work his magic on a Gucci Bill bag… Back to the wardrobe, it has memories of the old kitchen with details like the wall tiles and kitchen cabinet doors carved to cover the pipework. Leaving the tiles was led by my aim to keep the renovation as eco-friendly as possible, but they also make a more interesting backdrop for the clothes.

The two spaces will forever be combined since you can see one from the other and vice versa. I embraced it by making the new kitchen flow (literally) into the wardrobe with the exposed extractor fan made from a reclaimed organ pipe from Architectural Forum. Before the renovation I got used to freestanding hanging rails. I ditched my initial idea of mirrored doors and reworked exposed rails as a permanent fixture.

Mirrored doors came back into the design where the old bathroom ended. I styled a spare from the set of 19th century doors I found for my shoe wardrobes to cover shelves for folded clothes and handbags. I also replaced MDF doors covering the washing machine with mirrors backed onto salvaged stage flooring. I call them my stage doors.

Fellows & Sons

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

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