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October 24, 2013, 09:32 PM

Autumn means apples at Gaze's

By Ruby Hazael

Apple crate madness at Gaze. Lots of 30 went for 180.

A Victorian cloche sold for 210
A wooden sledge sold for 40.
A small fairground ride aeroplane sold for 90.

Norfolk, UK - ... and everyone loves an apple crate these days! Four lots of thirty crates sold well above estimate at 140, 160 and two more for 180. Five lots of pairs of lidded pine crates sold for 30 each. Crates of terracotta pots sold for 25.

The brass side plate mentioned in eSalvo's preview, with green and red paintwork, Advance Simplicity, from a Wallis Steevens steam roller made in Basingstowe made its estimate at 200.

A 'golly doll' bygone advertising 'Golden Shred, Golly its Good' sold for 500.

A fitted carpenters chest with a quantity of planes including Griffiths of Norwich, bow saw, plough plane sold for 300.

Three wooden carts sold for 600, 300 and 370.

A Victorian square cloche sold for 210.

An old wooden sledge sold for 40.

Gaze Modern Design sale is November 2nd, and Architectrual Salvage and Statuary is on November 16th.

T W Gaze Llp

Story Type:  Auction Report

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