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January 19, 2017, 06:44 PM

Antique furniture fascinating sections by Dutch artist sculptor

By Thornton Kay

Cut Cabinet [photo Rolf Bruggink

Slices of Henry Deux coffee table [photo R Bruggink
Salvaged steel radiators made into an internal partition [photos RB
Reclaimed windows turned in a kitchen and cabinets [photo RB

Utrecht, Holland - Rolf Bruggink is one of a number of artist craftspeople in Holland, many with an architecture or sculpture background, making new furniture out of old. Among his pieces, branded as, are five lightweight wooden coffee tables, 'Slices of Henry Deux', made by sawing, or maybe chainsawing, bulky nineteenth century tables, and cupboards made by slicing through larger brown wood desks and cupboards to make 'Cut Cabinets'.

In his 'Cut Furniture' series, Rolf Bruggink ruthlessly transforms objects of nostalgia familiar to many: the family heirloom. Cabinets, chairs and other objects passed down from the previous generation are commonplace in many Dutch homes. Their undoubted age and their, at times, questionable value, mean these articles are often the object of either sibling disputes or the guilt of being unwanted.

Rolf Bruggink's 'Cut Furniture' light-heartedly yet definitively plays in on these associations. By slicing into personal objects and splitting them into two or more parts, he transforms the heirloom into something fresh and new. Similar to a cross section of a building, the incisions reveal concealed interior views and profiles, accentuated with a primary colour lacquered finish. Bulky cabinets are transformed into multiple pieces of a more practical size with added functionality. In recycling these furnishings, Bruggink orchestrates a meeting of old and contemporary forms, creating a dramatic tension and a new lease of life.

His studio house in Utrecht, designed in conjunction with Niek Wagemans, reuses only material salvaged from the demolition of the adjacent 1955 office building, with solid reclaimed wood partitions and salvaged steel radiators used to build partition walling.

Windows are used to make Wagemans trademark cupboards, Remy & Rene Veenhuizen's 'Accidental Carpets' made from old cut woollen blankets, tables made from old books and a rocking chair made from old CD covers.

Fabriek Van Niek

Rolf: Cut cabinets
Fabriek van Niek: Coach House Utrecht

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