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July 14, 2016, 04:58 PM

A night on the tiles with Bert & May

By Sara Morel

Regent's Canal ęStyle Salvo

Bert & May Supper Club ęStyle Salvo
Tiles & supper ęStyle Salvo
Bert & May kitchen ęStyle Salvo

London East, UK - If you like the idea of eating supper in a kitchen that looks like a deliciously curated Instagram account then scroll no further than Bert & May for their new supper club on the first Thursday of every month.

Having begun life in Spain as a reclaimed tile company, last week Bert & May took supper clubbers for a night on the tiles to taste July's Spanish menu by co-founder Amelia Gordon. Situated in their Hackney showroom, I was served gazpacho shots on tiles instead of trays, whilst sipping sherry and ginger tonic onboard Bert's barge. Soaking up Regent's Canal whilst paella was prepared in their new range of kitchens, it was impossible not to be impressed.

From salvage to supper clubs, Bert & May have perfected their recipe for those seeking a side order of naturally pigmented paint, furniture, bathroom fittings or even a kitchen with their tiles. Founder Lee Thornley has been rapidly laying the future since he met Juan Menacho and reopened a family factory in Spain to make their own encaustic tiles using traditional handmade techniques. True to their signature of simple elegance, mixing natural, new and reclaimed materials, Bert & May have collaborated with Red Deer architects for their latest venture into kitchens. Purists will appreciate the one-of-a-kind architectural history hovering in smaller quantities of reclaimed tiles, but the Bert & May menu of ceviche mixed with old and new makes reclaimed materials very digestible indeed.

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Bert & May Group

Bert & May

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