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June 08, 2016, 10:53 PM

3 dreams waiting to come true at the Salvo Fair

By Sara Morel

10ft 'Bamford' base dining table ©BeyaFontenay

Steampunk table ©BeyaFontenay
1940s shoe rack ©BeyaFontenay

Oxfordshire, UK - Beya Fontenay has revealed a slew of dream-come-true scenarios for those dreaming to catch beautifully restored and repurposed industrial salvage at the Salvo Fair in Henley next week.

You have the dream room for which to host? You have the dream dinner party guest list, or just the dream family? Then call it Christmas in June, because 10ft Bamford base, oak top dining tables do not come around every day. Rescued from an old barn in South Wales, the early 20thC wrought and cast iron base started life as a chaff cutter. Tractors replaced horses in agriculture back in the 1940s, so the famous Joseph Cyril Bamford (later to create JCB) relic makes a dream dinner party conversation starter for fine feeding.

A Neo-Victorian dreamer? Then two identical mangles were rescued from a garden and converted into a steampunk table just for you. A glass top table is a beautiful way to create a dining area with a spacious look and a unique way to finish a kitchen if you are going for a retro-future feel.

You are dreaming of turning your kitchen into your walk-in wardrobe, just like I did?? Or you just dream of shoes? Then a sympathetically restored 1940's shoe rack rescued from a British shoe factory means the dream display piece.

Beya Fontenay will be selling these pieces and more at the Salvo Fair held on 18-19 June at Fawley Hill in Henley-on-Thames with Trade Day on Friday 17th June.

Beya Fontenay

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Salvo Fair

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