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May 08, 2014, 11:04 AM

1920s summerhouse recently reclaimed from overgrown garden

By Iain McNeil

Restored 1920's revolving summerhouse for sale by Wye Valley Reclamation [photo Wye Valley Relclamation

Side view of revolving summer house with undercarriage of Boulton and Paul [photo Wye Valley Reclamation

Hereford & Worcs, UK - It is widely believed that summer houses similar to this one have been a feature of gardens and parks in European estates since at least the 12th Century used so that they could be rotated to always be facing the sun. These summer houses appealed to the eccentric, artists and the wealthy that sought escape from society and were often used to aid their creativity.

This is our recently reclaimed revolving summer house. After some research we believe that it dates back to the 1920's and although some frontage features have been altered, the design of the building and the revolving under carriage is of a Boulton & Paul. They were a Norwich firm renowned for manufacturing prefabricated wooden and iron buildings and they produced a range of revolving wood framed buildings in the first half of the 20th Century.

Hidden in the rear garden of a relatively new property development in Herefordshire was this beautiful summer house. After speaking with the owners, we found that it had been moved from a previous property again in Herefordshire where it was acquired in the purchase of the property back in the 1980s.

The revolving summerhouse has been restored by one of our employees who is very experienced in that respect. It is a truly unique and fantastic find that will bring great enjoyment to someone.

The summerhouse is for sale on our website at 8,000 plus vat. For any further details please contact Wye Valley Reclamation on 01432 353 606.

Wye Valley Reclamation is a member of the Salvo Code. The aim of the Salvo Code is to give customers confidence that their stock has not been stolen or removed from protected historic buildings without permission. The code gives customers the choice of buying from relatively safe and responsible sources to which 120 business mainly in the UK, as well as a few in North America and around Europe, have now signed.

Wye Valley Reclamation

Wye Valley Reclamation : Revolving Summerhouse for sale

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