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The Heathery by Henry Andrews

London West, UK - A second edition of The Heathery or, A Monograph (in six volumes) of the Genus Erica with Latin and English Descriptions, Dissections, Etc. of All the Known Species of that Extensive and Distinguished...

Royal support to reduce plastic waste

Beach plastic rubbish Salvo

London East, UK - Sky News reports that we are sleep walking into an environmental catastrophe and the ocean is being turned into a synthetic soup. The Sky report states that, worldwide we are dumping as much as one ru...

Tiny homes hold extra large potential for UK housing woes

Tiny model reclaimed home inside a real tiny reclaimed home by Bert & May [photo Salvo

London West, UK - As a recent transplant from San Francisco, I am no stranger to the dual scourge of insanely high rents and rampant homelessness. Just like back home, discussion of the UK's unforgiving property market...

Stolen Coalbrookdale two seater with snapped right spandrel

Stolen bench with broken spandrel to the right leg [photo Salvo

Devon, UK - A 4ft 6ins C B Dale horse chestnut pattern white painted seat of great sentimental value was stolen from a house in Devon on 25 January. The owner would very much like to recover it. An identifying...

The Fawcett patent down draught preventing chimneypot

Fawcetts Patent chimney pot

London West, UK - If Archibald Knox and Liberty had made a chimneypot, this would have been it: an Arts & Crafts down draught preventer with built-in rain guard. It is clearly stamped 'FAWCETTS PATENT No2214 1906'. Two...

Antique Church Furnishings moves to Betchworth

Strip out in Forest Gate [photo ACF

Surrey, UK - The village of Betchworth on the flood plain of the Mole, a river known for its wild botany and abundant fish first mentioned in the Domesday Book, is the new home of Antique Church Furnishings having...

Shepherd hut high at Gaze bygones

Shepherds hut 2,600 plus premiums [photo TWGaze

Norfolk, UK - A 19th Century barrel top shepherds hut on four cast iron wheels, with a corrugated roof and timber chassis, was top lot at Gaze's rural and domestic bygones sale on Saturday where it sold for a mid-e...

Jeremy Tuffli Talks Tiny Reclaimed Homebuilding

Home on wheels Jeremy Tuffli

Oregon, USA - Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Jeremy Tuffli is a builder and professional skateboarder currently putting the finishing touches to his tiny reclaimed home in Portland. Jeremy spoke with S...

Spencer Swaffer at Architectural Plants

Monumental early 19thC English fountain [photo Swaffer

West Sussex, UK - Spencer Swaffer Antiques has collaborated with the glamorous West Sussex nursery Architectural Plants. "If I did plants I'd do it just like Architectural Plants. If Architectural Plants did antique...

Eco bathroom renovation trends for 2017

Bathroom design renovation Retrouvius

London North West, UK - Updating a bathroom may increase the value of a home, correct annoying faults, increase safety or simply improve the way it looks but, with more concern for the planet, many now opt for eco design sol...

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