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Lady McAlpine will be organising a fair at Fawley in 2018

Alfie at the fair field, Fawley Hill [photo © Salvo

Oxfordshire, UK - STOP PRESS! Joint statement from Salvo and Sir William and Lady McAlpine - - - - - - In the absence of Salvo Fair 2018, Lady McAlpine plans to organise a fair at Fawley. Salvo has decided to ta...

Fred G Johnson sideshow banner at upcoming bygones sale

Percy Pape sideshow banner [photo © TW Gaze

Norfolk, UK - Fred G. Johnson (1892-1990) painted sideshow banners for the O. Henry Tent and Awning Company in Chicago for 40 years from 1934-74. Apparently known as the 'Picasso' of circus art, Johnson designed ad...

Repurposed Victorian bath chair ready for Christmas

Victorian chair come sleigh ©Metroretro

London East, UK - Retailers put on a real show this time of year ready for Christmas, when it becomes absolutely necessary to step away from the computer and take-in the experience of real-world retail. Personal face-t...

Trends and exhibitors to look out for at Battersea Fair

Decorative Fair © Antiques By Design

London South West, UK - The Decorative Antiques & Textile Fair blog suggested eight trends to look out for at this October's fair. They are decorated brown furniture, classic country house style, white ceramics, decorated fo...

A chance to legalise UK salvage and reuse

Big reuse supporter Michael Gove [credit YouTube

London South West, UK - The EU Construction Products Regulations officially outlawed the reuse of reclaimed building material because it is not CE marked. But the UK trade (and salvage businesses in EU countries) can still s...

Reclaim living space for a 2018 kitchen

Chalet design kitchen © Retrouvius

London West, UK - Open plan designs have truly made a kitchen space the heart of a home. It can even dictate the atmosphere of the whole house. So a kitchen design choice has becomes even more important and Interiorzin...

Glass blocks are cool, reclaimed ones are cooler

Maison de Verre by Chareau [credit Jewish Museum

Paris (75), France - Master of industrial design, Pierre Chareau (1885 - 1950), built his seminal Maison de Verre house in Paris for Annie and Jean Dalsace in 1930 using glass blocks invented primarily for use in industri...

Not so smart city

Songdo © CC BY 2.0

South Korea - In August SalvoNews explored the application of robotics to waste management and recycling (Can green robotics rescue reuse? 10 August). The Finnish company spotlighted in that piece imagined a future...

Baby boomers and millennials driving the vintage marketplace

1960s Kalmar lamps from The Rub Antique © The Rub Antique

Texas, USA - Vintiquing is all the rage in Texas, where the organisers behind a flea market in Houston coined the word. A hybrid of vintage and antique, the Vintique Flea was born, and along with it a marketplace...

Salvage space for 2018 bathroom trends

Reclaimed Bath tubs © Ohmega Salvage

London West, UK - The bathroom has become the space we can completely relax in to get away from the daily stress of modern life. So with this in mind the trend is for the bathroom to become a larger room which is both ...

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