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Global ruckus over 1905 swastika trademark in a Quebec park

The offending symbol [credit DTel

Quebec, Canada - W L Byers & Co Ltd (formerly Lumsden, Byers & Co) made ships, chain and anchors, including the Byers stockless anchor patented by William Lumsdon Byers (1849-1906) of 11 Norfolk Street, Sunderland in ...

China no longer the world's bin

Green China

China - China is a land of oversized contradictions. It boasts legions of billionaires and yet still contains hundreds of millions of poor. It offers the most advanced high speed trains in the world and the m...

Runway ready home trends


London West, UK - If next season's trends could be summed up in a sentence, it could be "I dare you." Whether it is a bold statement piece, or speaking up for what we believe in, designers showed activism on the runway...

World toilets, Delhi and Gandhi

Exhibits at Delhi toilet museum [photo © Sulabh

Delhi, India - Sunday 19th November is World Toilet Day, celebrating the continued growth of wc's around the planet and encouraging more, of which many in India are made or inspired by a company in Delhi, sometime h...

Gervais Duc (1956 - 2017)

Gervais Duc 1956 - 2017 [photo Facebook

London West, UK - Gervais Duc set up Architectural Antiques in Hammersmith in around 1980 having started out by dealing in antiques. "I bought a fireplace one day and before I had finished doing it up, three customers ...

Can Green Robotics Rescue Reuse?

Automated recycling

Finland - More commonly associated with manufacturing or call centres, robotics and AI are poised to revolutionize yet another sector-recycling and waste management. To reach their vision of a circular econo...

English Salvage old door scheme aims to help Kenya

Old doors on English Salvage website

Hereford & Worcs, UK - 'For every door you buy we'll send £10 to help Balloon Ventures grow business in Africa,' proclaims a banner on the home page of English Salvage of Leominster. The post-election violence in Kenya ...

Ethical fashion inspired by fly tipping

fly tipping print dress by Phannatiq ©phannatiq

London East, UK - Part-time harpist, educator, occasional snowboarder, and driving force behind phannatiq, Anna Skodbo takes a "clothes for people" attitude to designing. Attracting people from the likes of musicians...

Five questions with ATG

Screenshot of ATG 5 Questions

London South East, UK - A popular page in the weekly Antiques Trade Gazette is the Dealers' Diary and 5 questions with Frances Allitt is always a joy to read. The five answers from the featured dealers are a combination of l...

A Controversial Milestone

Cornish milestone © SalvoWEB

Cornwall, UK - Today the word 'milestone' is used to mark notable achievements along the passage of time. Learning to walk. Getting one's driver's license. A big promotion at work. Often forgotten are Europe's o...

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