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Fine in the end - the bigger picture for Insitu Manchester

Reclaimed panga panga table set [photo the-saleroom

Greater Manchester, UK - "It was all doom and gloom to start - only five people in the room and a slightly trepidatious auctioneer - but it went fine in the end. Overall the auction lots averaged out at around cost price. You...

Clean eating and a clean slate for the Ned in the City

Malibu Kitchen at The Ned ©Reclaimed Woman

London East, UK - You have to be a member to get beyond the deliberately discrete entrances of other Soho House buildings, but anyone can walk into new London hotel, The Ned. An entrance worth experiencing, the former...

Salvage's role in London's green future

Circular London © LWARB

London West, UK - This summer the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) published a summary of London's Circular Economy Route Map, an ambitious, multi-faceted plan to green London. So what is a circular economy?...

Salvo, electric cars and V2G

Our Nissan Leaf and a Tesla P85 at Salvo Fair - with an electric Thames launch [photo © Salvo

Kent, UK - For the past twelve years I have not owned a car and used trains, buses, car rental and car clubs instead. These are fossil-fuelled, so having vacillated for a couple of years in July 2016 I bought a ...

Friendly Gizmobots to giant upcycled politicobots portend doom?

Alexander Milov 'TIS' [YouTube

Greater Manchester, UK - Mark Haig of Gizmobots brought along a smashing collection of mini robot sculptures for sale at Salvo 2017 made from scrap and found metal objects. They had an amusing ironic quality - non threatening...

The Tribal Art of Conversation

Garden & Conversation Pieces June 2017 auction ©Summers Place Auctions

West Sussex, UK - Summers Place Auctions' June sale saw the beginning of a new series to appeal to the increasing taste for Tribal Art and Travel. The Billingshurst-based business has been leading the field of gar...

Bloomberg Place's unique take on reuse

Bloomberg Place © CC by 2.0

London East, UK - Last week I wrote about London's failed grandiose Garden Bridge project. This week we turn to a far more discreet tribute to green design, and one that has actually materialised-Bloomberg Place. Be...

What happens to London's salvageable building materials?

Kensington refurb 90% reusable, 95% trashed [photo © Salvo

London South West, UK - The London Assembly's environment committee is calling for evidence about the city's waste generation, handling and disposal, to help the mayor develop an environment strategy covering waste reduction...

Upcoming modern sale follows last Saturday's architectural

Arundel by John Piper, seven colour screen printed fabric for Sanderson c1960 at Gaze Modern Design sale

Norfolk, UK - The upcoming modern design sale at Gaze this Saturday has 550 lots with several art fabrics of which the highest estimated, at £300 - £400, is a 124cm by 121cm screenprinted selvedge called 'Arundel' ...

Are you ready for your reno?

Deco bathroom inspiration with stock on Salvo

London West, UK - Think you are ready for your renovation project, then prepare to neglect your usual e-com candy for sites like Broken Bog. My daily scroll of choice was Style dot com when I started planning my fla...

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