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World's first reclamation yard about to be demolished

The last remnants of Walcot's reclamation yard [photo © Bath Chronicle

Somerset, UK - Walcot Reclamation was the world's first place selling old parts of buildings that was actually named a 'reclamation yard' by us in 1976. The name had a double meaning: it was a place reclaiming old b...

Macauley, Morgan and Waide benches by Rotherham's finest

Four seasons of farm workers on the Baths Foundry bench [photo © SPA

South Yorkshire, UK - At the opening of the first exhibition of its kind at Rotherham Mechanics Hall in Febuary 1877, it was announced that Rotherham school of art was first of 653 classes in Britain by the examiners of So...

Now I sit me down, for a history of chair design

Now I Sit Me Down by Witold Rybczynski © Farrar, Straus and Giroux

New York, USA - In his new book, distinguished architect Witold Rybczynsk, reveals the history of the chair from the folding stools of pharaonic Egypt to modern ubiquitous stackable monobloc chairs. His book delightf...

Jacks in general, dangle jacks in particular

Thomas Rowlandson's dangle jack seller c1820

UK - A jack, meaning a device in English, such as a boot jack, smoke jack, lorry jack, jack plug, jack plane and jack stay, is believed to have come from Denmark or Friesland before the late fourteenth cen...

Jamie Oliver reveals his fav kitchen design must haves

Large antique pine table © Architectural Forum

London South East, UK - Jamie has tackled the type of food we eat and shown us how we can make more healthy choices in our diet. He has now revealed how important he feels kitchen design is to family health and happiness. Ja...

I am a material muse

Josefin Landalv lampshades ©Yeshen Venema

London West, UK - "The material is usually my starting point and my muse" says Josefin Landalv, textile designer, weaver and printmaker. "Where did it come from, what did it originally look like? Who shared its nat...

Luxury joinery reclaimed from London buildings

Alfred Newall with his collection ©Style Salvo

London West, UK - Alfred Newall used salvaged hardwoods sourced from London's lost buildings to create his addition to LASSCO's showcase. His capsule collection has reclaimed Burmese teak chairs after mid-century furn...

Calling recruits to reclaim fashion

Mahala reclaimed bag collection ©Style Salvo

London South East, UK - Thinking about sustainable fashion? Me too, which is why I normally think of style rather than fashion as the very word conjures up connotations of quick trends rather than conscious consumption and ...

Salvo team highlights from the London Design Festival

Reclaimed flooring at Ropewalk [photo © Lasso

London West, UK - London Design Festival 2016 runs from 17th to 25th September and showcases craft and design plus emerging talents at over four hundred events throughout London. However a search on the LDF website for...

Antique oak panelling top lot at T W Gaze

Stone mullioned oriel window £440 [photo © Gaze

Norfolk, UK - The architectural salvage and garden antiques sale at Gaze last Saturday featured some relatively high value antique and reclaimed lots, highest of which was a run of 18th century oak panelling at £2,...

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