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New SalvoWEB going live this weekend - some downtime expected

West Sussex, UK - SalvoWEB, SalvoSITES and SalvoNEWS are being moved to a new server with new software and user interface. The new beta version will be going live this weekend, so please expect some downtime. We hope t...

Green Halloween

Ghost train salvage ©Chris Charles Reclamation

London West, UK - Halloween appears to bring us Brits much delight judging by the millions of pounds spent on food, costumes, decorations and entertainment each year, but if you take a moment to consider the amount we ...

Maximalism has finally arrived

Design © Retrouvius

London West, UK - An interiors trend that has grown slowly but has finally arrived is maximalism. Described as 'more is more' by New York based interior designer, Sasha Bikof, it is one that has grown slowly but has f...

How to save half an hour of the world's carbon emissions

Old kitchen tiles behind the clothes [photo © Salvo

London West, UK - Some unwanted ceramic tiles were not removed and sent to landfill, saving a small amount of energy, when a flat in London was refurbished for a young London eco-warrior with a large wardrobe. If every...

First family of ice age giants offered at Summers Place Auctions

Mammoth ©Summers Place Auctions

West Sussex, UK - Summers Place Auctions 5th Evolution Sale on 21st November 2017 will consist of a male and a female mammoth, a teenage daughter and a one-year-old mammoth. Although the youngest of the group, it is ...

Changing UK law on reuse of reclaimed building materials

London South West, UK - Changes to UK law during Brexit mean that an anomaly which has hampered and prevented the trade in reclaimed building materials since the 1980s can be rectified. The 1989 EU Construction Products D...

Modern design sale is called simply Design

Ingo Maurer Porca Miseria £118,750 [photo © Sotheby's

London West, UK - Inviting Tony Chambers of Wallpaper magazine for his curated picks, in the catalogue of Tuesday's modern design sale at Sotheby's Bond Street, was one cute piece of marketing; the other was naming the...

New life for Philly Cathedral salvage

Philly Cathedral Bell gong © ReHouse

New York, USA - Like private homes and commercial buildings, houses of worship occasionally take on updates and restoration. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception had in the basement a collection of no longer u...

Did ancient Greeks know that lightning travels upwards?

Doublended thunderbolt held by Zeus [photo cc wikipedia

Greece - The earliest observations that lightning travels from the ground up, and not from the sky down, seem to have been made during the twentieth century. It was discovered (by whom?) that the negative disc...

Torpedo bottle hits the mark at Gaze bygones

St Ives lemonade egg or torpedo stoneware bottle £1,300 [photo © Gaze

Norfolk, UK - A rare 19th century 'Hamilton' stoneware torpedo, egg or bomb bottle impressed 'St Ives soda water and lemonade manufactory' one side and 'Stockers superior effervescing gingerade' on the other, 9ins ...

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