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April 25, 2017, 11:20 AM

Reclaim coastal soul

By Shirley Kay

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Massachusetts, USA - A coastal chic theme can bring a relaxed holiday feel to any interior. Interior designer, Tracey Overbeck Stead has the recipe to reclaim coastal interiors with soul.

When she saw the 'Whale' house she simply fell in love and it is easy to understand why. Where better to spend an idyllic summer than the historic neighbourhood of Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard. This is place with real old fashioned community and life lived at a slower pace.

Tracey updated the house coastal style while still preserving the historical character. Reclaimed materials have been sourced in the local area including antique barn wood used for countertops and upcycled items like an antique ship wheel chandelier. Antiques sourced from her own grandmother to old farmhouses and local shipyards known for a past life of whaling. It now offers a traditional coastal vacation style with seashells, salty air, knotted rope, and shades of blue together with old world charm.

Tracey understands how to renovate a house while celebrating its past life. Her main home a prairie style house in Austin, Texas was also renovated keeping original features. The original character and soul of the house have been maintained and even detail like the dampers that once brought heat to the house using coal have been kept.

Salvage, reuse and imperfection really help to create coastal soul. This relaxed style can be created wherever you live to help you unwind from the stress of modern day life. Source your own local reclaimed materials from architectural salvage, reclamation and antique showrooms worldwide on the SalvoWEB online directory.

Image show items currently for sale on SalvoWEB to help create coastal soul.

Tracey Overbeckstead: The Whale House
Austin Woman: At Home with Tracey Overbeck Stead

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