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December 15, 2016, 12:29 PM

Keep the past in your presents

By Shirley Kay

Vintage wooden toy jeep Architectural Forum

Villeroy Boch, Mettlach Tile Crescent Moon Antiques & Salvage
Milliners hat form West Country Barn Interiors
Vintage leather bag Architectural Forum

Wisconsin, USA - It seems that keeping a piece of the past in your life makes something old a very attractive gift choice. People understand the need to embrace the future and appreciate new designs when it makes their lives better or more fun but are often still drawn to past life pieces. We can be just as fascinated by a driverless electric car as by an old vintage one.

So is it just nostalgia? Are adults feeling affection for a favourite item that just reminds them of their own childhood or do we simply want to own a piece of significant history. Many of us though will appreciate the originality and beauty of a handcrafted item from the past and the knowledge that it was made to last. Salvaging and reusing these quality items can also have less of an impact on the environment than buying new ones, so a past life gift is a greener Christmas gift choice. See the link below to a previous SalvoNEWS feature on how to have a very green Christmas.

It was Crescent Moon Antiques and Salvage, located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in the heart of midwest America, that coined the phrase on this weeks Instagram 'Keep the past in your presents.' They are the perfect example that salvage and antique showrooms worldwide have the most amazing selection of unique gifts with a price range to suit everyone. They currently have a special promotion with a storewide sale.

One small but beautiful item, that caught my eye on their website, was a tile from the Villeroy and Boch Mettlach collection. The Art Nouveau style tile was salvaged from a Louis Sullivan Convent and is now the last one remaining. Villeroy and Boch tiles were known for their robust beauty and copied without success by many. Original old tiles can still be found today in many historical locations. The tiles were even famously laid at the feet of the rich nobility on the legendary Titanic. In fact, fragments of the tiles from the maiden voyage of the luxury ship were even rescued from the depths of the ocean. This tile would certainly make a unique past life gift.

Other images show items for sale on SalvoWEB online worldwide marketplace. One is a a lovely vintage wooden pull along toy jeep that will no doubt bring back some fond childhood memories. It is a characterful piece with the wheels and workings of the car still in good condition and the jeep can be pulled along just fine! Then for the style lover in your life how about a nice old linen milliners hat form or a vintage bag. The items featured in the previous Christmas SalvoNEWS piece were a vintage beer crate which could be filled with some local craft beers, beautiful silver candlesticks, an antique pine school blackboard and a vintage table football game. Again see the link below.

For more unique guilt-free eco choices find a local architectural salvage and antique dealer in the SalvoWEB directory or alternatively shop online at SalvoWEB worldwide marketplace or dealer websites for a great selection of secondhand, reclaimed and antique gifts.

Crescent Moon Antiques and Salvage

Have yourself a very green Christmas
SalvoWEB worldwide online marketplace for architecural salvage & antiques

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