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Reclaim natural elements in 2017 garden design

Antique French limestone garden bench B.C.A. Materiaux Anciens

New York, USA - Garden design trends for 2017 have shown renewed interest in the use of more natural elements in gardens such as wood and stone rather than new surfaces like concrete. A garden created with care for t...

The library comes home

Antique Slingsby Library trolley Edward Haes

New York, USA - The home library is a room that is now back in vogue reports New York based, LuxeLife, a real estate blog. A library is the perfect sanctuary from the stress of modern life. In fact with the increase ...

Jeremy Tuffli Talks Tiny Reclaimed Homebuilding

Home on wheels Jeremy Tuffli

Oregon, USA - Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Jeremy Tuffli is a builder and professional skateboarder currently putting the finishing touches to his tiny reclaimed home in Portland. Jeremy spoke with S...

Wootz knife made from an old wrought iron cartwheel rim

Carbide patterns in the finished wootz knife [YouTube: Niels Provos

California, USA - Niels Provos in shows how to upcycle an antique iron tyre into a handmade sheath knife. The video shows the whole process, cutting the rim into chunks, forging them with a power hammer, melting in a c...

Keep the past in your presents

Vintage wooden toy jeep Architectural Forum

Wisconsin, USA - It seems that keeping a piece of the past in your life makes something old a very attractive gift choice. People understand the need to embrace the future and appreciate new designs when it makes thei...

DIY reclaimed wood projects

Coffee table top is made from an old gym floor Historische Bauelement

Iowa, USA - Reclaimed wood is both unique and comes with a past life all of its own. The holiday season is fast approaching so why not fill some of those spare hours with an interesting, useful and possibly money...

Test wall used half lime mortar half OPC from 2,352 stone types

The NBS bookmatched natural ashlar stone test wall [photo NIST

Maryland, USA - A test stone sample wall constructed in 1948 by the National Bureau of Standards in Washington DC was subsequently relocated (possibly in two sections) in 1977 to the National Institute of Standards a...

Reclaim Julehygge

Reclaimed Letters Architectural Forum

New York, USA - The New York Observer reported last week that the Danish lifestyle trend of hygge was taking over America. Research shows that Denmark has the happiest people in the world. So with the combination of ...

Interiors going to the dark side

Antique holophane prismatic glass shades Edward Haes

New York, USA - Stunning interiors can be created by going to the dark side, especially if combined with natural elements of metal, glass and wood. It could be seen as a brave to decorate in dark colours but the cont...

Curated eBay collective launches in USA

Delaware, USA - A new sales initiative called eBay Collective has started on the US eBay site showcasing high end art and antiques from invited dealers. The difference between this and other high end online marketpla...

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