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December 05, 2016, 06:05 PM

DIY reclaimed wood projects

By Shirley Kay

Coffee table top is made from an old gym floor Historische Bauelement

Shelf made from recycled pallet wood Salvo
Reclaimed wood coat rack Architectural Forum
Three pane upcycled window mirror Architectural Forum

Iowa, USA - Reclaimed wood is both unique and comes with a past life all of its own. The holiday season is fast approaching so why not fill some of those spare hours with an interesting, useful and possibly money saving project. Alternatively you could even make some cool unique Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Country Living, U.S. features twenty two easy DIY reclaimed wood projects for inspiration with practical tips from bloggers. Projects include reclaimed wood furniture and gift ideas to make include a reclaimed wood wine rack, message board, cup holder, barn wood house sign and jewellery holder. See the link below.

Source your reclaimed wood carefully to avoid any wood that has been treated with chemicals for example do not use wood that has been creosoted indoors. If you decide to paint use non or low VOC natural paint. Wood can often simply be cleaned with water and washing up liquid then treated with beeswax. See the link below for further comments on using reclaimed wood from Thornton Kay in a previous edition of SalvoNEWS.

Architectural salvage and reclamation yards are happy to give advice on reclaimed wood and will often have left over off cuts or small quantities. Some now sell a range of eco paint and other finishes too. Another source would be social enterprise, 'not for profit' wood stores which stock a selection of donated wood.

Find reclaimed wood for sale on SalvoWEB, the international online marketplace with links to many dealers supplying wood of all types from barn wood to pallets. The Salvo directory also lists a number of manufacturers and suppliers of eco paint and varnishes.

Enjoy discovering your own creative skills this Christmas or instead relax in a comfy armchair and find unique pieces for sale on the SalvoWEB online marketplace. Images show just a few items already recrafted and upcycled currently for sale including an old gym floor coffee table upcycled by Historische Bauelement. They also supply colourful reclaimed gymnasium floorboards separately for your own project. Sara, aka Style Salvo, used them successfully in her reclaimed kitchen renovation. See the Style Salvo blog for more details.

Historische Baulemente

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Country Living: 22 Easy DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects:Home
SalvoNEWS: Comment on an article about fixing 12 reclaimed wood problems

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