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March 26, 2017, 12:48 PM

City farmhouse

By Shirley Kay

Cypress table [photo Old Wood Soul

Antique farmhouse fireplace [photo Wharton Antiques
Paris apartment [photo Retrouvius
Farmhouse bathroom [photo Retrouvius

California, USA - Farmhouse is currently a hot trend according to the San Valley Gabriel Tribune and they connect it to the popularity of the farm to table movement. Although rustic farmhouse interiors have always had homeowner appeal. Maybe this basic attraction to country living comes from its connection to nature and a simpler way of life away from the noise and pollution of the city. Modern life has become increasingly stressful especially with twenty four seven digital demands a work life balance is even harder to achieve. Everyone needs a space they can truly relax in and the perfect answer could be to create your own farmhouse sanctuary in the city.

The feel of city farmhouse can be started with just a few pieces of antique or vintage furniture. Add in some unique genuinely old but practical accessories and you have the basic rustic recipe. However as the Tribune article points out, the farmhouse revival is not just about a few vintage mason jars and wooden crates. Junk in the Trunk, vintage market has seen plenty of interest in upcycled chicken wire lighting and old vintage farm bygones. Buyers have been happy to invest in real wood too, a key element of farmhouse style which features as beams, panels for walls or ceilings, doors, shelves, countertops or for a kitchen table.

Another classic way to use real wood, which has been growing in demand, is to add an antique wood floor. Homeowners are realising it is a good investment in a forever home and it adds real value to a renovation project. Nothing can beat the timeless beauty of solid wood antique parquet or wide planked floorboards which also comes with a past life story. Rich darker wood tones of oak will bring warmth and a touch of sophisticated glamour or a natural pine will provide a more relaxed homely feel. Whichever your preference an antique timber flooring specialist can sympathetically process each individual board to maximise the natural character of the wood.

Stone flooring is another timeless investment with farmhouse appeal. Stone has traditionally been used in hallways, kitchen and utility areas. Antique reclaimed stone again comes with past life character and suits modern underfloor heating systems. Stone tiles have been used in home interiors for thousands of years and only require the simple upkeep of regular sweeping and washing with a little water.

Large sinks such as a Belfast have long been associated with farmhouse style but another idea is to add a larger trough sink into a bathroom too if you have the space. A proper antique or reclaimed bath tub is another statement piece and there is nothing like a relaxing soak to calm mind and body. Alternatively add a simple touch of farmhouse character to a bathroom or kitchen with antique free standing furniture, shelves, mirrors, tiles or even an just old doorknob.

Fireplaces will add immediate farmhouse character to a home and even the simple addition of a vintage mantel decorated with vintage finds can work wonders. However if you can add a real fireplace to a living room it makes a statement feature that adds value and warmth. Specialist antique fireplace dealers can advise on fitting and smoke controls in your area.

Finishing touches to city farmhouse would be vintage fabrics and rugs. Cool linens combined with colour pops of vintage floral fabric, glass vases or from potted indoor plants. Traditionally a porch would finish the look but again a simple backyard or balcony can also be given some country chic by adding comfy chairs and a few potted herbs and flowers.

See the links below and the images of farmhouse style from Retrouvius design projects and the SalvoWEB online marketplace for further inspiration.

Find architectural salvage and antique showrooms or antique flooring specialists on SalvoWEB plus a selection of bygones, antique, reclaimed and upcycled pieces for your city farmhouse.

Old Wood Soul

Wharton Antiques: Email: whartonantiques@gmail (dot) com


San Gabriel Valley Tribune: Farmhouse: Culitvate a home decor look.
Country Living: 30 Rooms That Perfectly Embody Farmhouse Style

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