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New life for Philly Cathedral salvage

Philly Cathedral Bell gong ReHouse

New York, USA - Like private homes and commercial buildings, houses of worship occasionally take on updates and restoration. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception had in the basement a collection of no longer u...

Baby boomers and millennials driving the vintage marketplace

1960s Kalmar lamps from The Rub Antique The Rub Antique

Texas, USA - Vintiquing is all the rage in Texas, where the organisers behind a flea market in Houston coined the word. A hybrid of vintage and antique, the Vintique Flea was born, and along with it a marketplace...

Lessons in deconstruction from Portland

City of Portland seal

Oregon, USA - Deconstruction is the green alternative to wasteful demolition. It means carefully taking structures apart in the reverse order they were built so high quality materials can be reused. The environm...

Going Zero waste with Kathryn Kellogg and Douglas McMaster

Sentimental minimalist Going zero waste

California, USA - Zero waste is a philosophy and a lifestyle more and more people are becoming interested in. For those of you who are tempted to dip their toes in the water blogs are a good place to start learning abo...

The Tiny Life tells the tiny house movement like it is

Small house in Portland Oregon

New York, USA - The tiny house movement is an intriguing global trend that blends creativity with practicality. Beyond its vast environmental and financial benefits, it beckons adventures in architectural artistry an...

Detroit News interviews Leslie Linsley on Salvage Style

Country Living Salvage Style: Decorate with Vintage Finds by Leslie Linsley Sterling Publishing/Hearst Books

Michigan, USA - All her life, author Leslie Linley has been attracted to junk. She understands the fun of a treasure hunt and the end result is a home with individual character and charm. The Detroit News has a f...

Reclaim coastal soul

Antique brass boat propeller Architectural Forum

Massachusetts, USA - A coastal chic theme can bring a relaxed holiday feel to any interior. Interior designer, Tracey Overbeck Stead has the recipe to reclaim coastal interiors with soul. When she saw the 'Whale' hous...

Terreform ONE stretches the limits of green living

Habitable cricket farm Terreform ONE

New York, USA - The field of sustainability has a reputation for cutting edge innovation. But no matter what ideas the term brings to your mind, chances are the New York based architectural laboratory Terreform ONE w...

Decorate your home with salvage and market finds

Boy with fish V&V Reclamation

New York, USA - Reuse, reclaim and repeat has long been a phrase associated with Salvo and a reuse eco conscious lifestyle is happily now seen as important for those that care about the future of our planet. It is no...

Guitars made from firehouse wood

Old Detroit firehouse [ photo New Atlas

Michigan, USA - Reclaimed wood has become a fashion for limited edition runs of guitars like Fender, Gibson and PRS, (Paul Reed Smith). The tone of vintage reclaimed wood is considered by many to be especially warm a...

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