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May 06, 2014, 09:41 AM

Salvage and reuse ideas for rented homes

By Shirley Kay

UK - Home ownership has now fallen to its lowest level for a quarter of a century due to soaring property prices and consequently the number of people renting has almost doubled. Renting has now become a longer term option for many people especially for those in their 20s and 30s. (Daily Telegraph, February 2014) So the focus of this new book, Home For Now by Joanna Thornhill on advice for the new Generation Rent to make their rental house feel like home has come at the right time. The book would also help out first time buyers with a large mortgage and consequently a small budget to do up their house too.

Joanna is a freelance interior stylist based in London and has written the book based on her own experience of over a decade of living in rental properties herself. Joanna realises that rentals can be disheartening spaces but can be transformed with a bit of creativity, imagination and a minimal outlay.

The book features 15 homes and covers all areas of the living space including useful ideas for a home office, lighting, and storage. Designs also take into account both limited space and limited budget. On trend there are lots of vintage and salvage ideas too. Clever and attractive upcycling ideas reuse anything from a cardboard gift box to old furniture. Flexibility in design is encouraged with ideas such as using a chest of drawers as a sideboard. Joanna also takes into account limited DIY experience and includes simple step by step guides. There is even advice on no-sew upholstery. The end result creates a home that really suits your individual style and one that is more unique than buying new.

It may not be your forever house but Joanna's ideas help transform it into a home you will want to come home to. Joanna is currently renovating her own first home so cannot wait to see her next book. Home For Now, published by CICO books is available worldwide.

For those inspired to do their own projects find items for sale online on SalvoWEB. Comments are welcome to inspire others with reader's own transformation and reuse ideas. However for those inspired, but who would rather leave the DIY to someone else, SalvoWEB also has many already repurposed and upcycled items available for sale.

Joanna Thornhill

Ryland Peters & Small and CICO books: Home For Now by Joanna Thornhill
Joanna Thornhill

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