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August 23, 2017, 08:19 PM

Runway ready home trends

By Sara Morel


©Tallboy Interiors
©UK Architectural Heritage
©Abacus Stone Sales

London West, UK - If next season's trends could be summed up in a sentence, it could be "I dare you." Whether it is a bold statement piece, or speaking up for what we believe in, designers showed activism on the runways alongside their Autumn Winter 2017 collections.

Space age

From alien-like bodysuits to accessories inspired by the planets, this set of 1960s nickel plated globe pendant lights from Haes are just what Doctor Who ordered.

Lady boho

The tapestry and velvet covered table from Tallboy Interiors sits on the edge between elegant and artsy.  Pom Poms are trending big time, but antique pom pom tassels will retain crafty charm.

Deco disco

Fashion and interiors that display an exuberant escape and environments designed for fun living are a reaction to the political climate. This copper and brass Art Deco insert from UK Architectural Heritage will get the fire started.

Waste not, want not

Issues of waste and reckless consumption were highlighted in the Stella McCartney AW17 campaign. Shot against a backdrop of discarded items, contrasted with 'clean waste' on the way to a recycling centre, the trend not changing with the seasons is the effort to reclaim, reuse, repeat. Reclaimed building materials like this fine example of Yorkshire roof slates from Abacus Stone Sales not only help the environment, but give a home character.

Tallboy Interiors

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

UK Architectural Heritage

Abacus Stone Sales ltd

Edward Haes

Stella McCartney Winter 2017 Campaign

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Date Modified: August 24, 2017, 04:13 PM

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