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October 04, 2017, 09:15 AM

Repurposed Victorian bath chair ready for Christmas

By Sara Morel

Victorian chair come sleigh ©Metroretro

Victorian bath chair ©Metroretro

London East, UK - Retailers put on a real show this time of year ready for Christmas, when it becomes absolutely necessary to step away from the computer and take-in the experience of real-world retail. Personal face-to-face customer experiences have always been a winner for brick-and-mortar stores, which deliver value beyond the product. Think about it, when did the whole family gather around a computer screen to marvel in a magical homepage? However, festive window displays are still on the family to-do list.

Saxon Durrant of vintage furniture house, Metroretro recently delivered this Christmas sleigh to Millets Farm in Oxfordshire, by van not reindeer. The piece was commissioned by Frosts, the heritage group of garden centres.

Saxon said: "Having had no luck I was going to build one from scratch, but then saw the Victorian bath chair at Gazes Rural & Domestic Bygones sale. I used salvaged steel for the base and the runners are made from plywood. I left the old handle on the back and added the footboard at the back, which gives a bit more merchandising space."

Metroretro is showing at Midcentury East at Erno Goldfinger's Haggerston School in London on 15th October 2017. Sadly no sleighs, but Saxon's stand promises plenty of treasures to get the home ready for Christmas.

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