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A reggae fuelled road trip to Vintage Roots at Salvo Fair

Neil & Lance co-founders of Vintage Roots

Oxfordshire, UK - If you love wine, but you are less attached to the sulphites, perhaps in search of vegan or biodynamic wine, then you need to know about the organic wine people, Vintage Roots. The name was derived...

Salvage at Salvo

Reclaimed bricks © Architectural Salvage Source

Oxfordshire, UK - The Salvo online marketplace has always been the 'go to' website to source architectural salvage and reclaimed building materials. Salvo, the original architectural salvage fair has also maintained it...

Old Chinese B2B scam has hit a UK dealer - please watch out

The Chinese cake

Kent, UK - A scam involving a trip to China to sign a lucrative contract, first heard of in 2006 usually in manufacturing businesses in Europe and America, has been seen by a London architectural salvage dealer ...

Vintage design entices younger buyers

Vintage industrial lights © Architectural Forum

Oxfordshire, UK - Camilla from Element Studios has summed up her top design tips with a proven track record in enticing buyers and one of the main elements is vintage mixed with new. Firstly choose your design theme...

Zero waste taste with chef Douglas McMaster

zero waste chef Douglas McMaster

Oxfordshire, UK - Contemporary plate glamour sounds sexy, not the normal words associated with waste, zero waste that is. Well guess what, zero waste is not the norm, which is why Silo founder and chef Douglas McMaste...

Salvo Fair mention on YouTube channel with 67,000 millenials

Alfie the lama, skittish in Ironhenge [from Dave Erasmus video

Oxfordshire, UK - The plan was to get Dave Erasmus, whose YouTube channel is subscribed to by 67,000 hipsters and millenials, and is building a tiny home in a wood outside Brighton, to come along to the Salvo fair this...

European support for Salvo 2017

© Brocante Frederic

Oxfordshire, UK - The Salvo fair has always attracted support from far and wide and this year is no exception. European regulars over the years have come from Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. They have...

Bright green antique theme for Salvo 2017

Mahala will be in the Fair Fashion marquee at Salvo 2017 [photo © Mahala

Oxfordshire, UK - In addition to the normal gamut of wonderful things, what kind of antiques is Salvo also asking exhibitors to bring along to Salvo 2017 to reflect year's green living theme? We cannot predict what wil...

A paradox of prosperity

House in Melbourne, Australia

London West, UK - My computer defines a crisis as "a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger." Every city I have lived in-New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, and now London-seems forever in the housing sor...

Vagabond Joe on being free from fashion and his first Salvo fair

Joe Chaffer of Vagabond Antiques & Decor

Oxfordshire, UK - "I am not sure I ever really follow a trend… I go out and try and find something that 'gets me'.... something decorative, beautiful, ugly, unusual, practical, wonderful…who knows. I get in the van eve...

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