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August 23, 2012, 08:06 PM

York and Pennant flagstones bolster Gaze's results

By Thornton Kay

Pennant flagstones 60sqyd, and top left the top lot 5,625 gypsy caravan [photo Gaze

Norfolk, UK - No surprise that York stone flagstones topped the reclaimed building materials at the architectural salvage sale on Saturday last at the Diss Auction Rooms of T W Gaze. York flags made 100 to 110 (inc premium) per square yard, and grey 'cottage' flagstones - which looked very much like Bristol or Welsh Pennant - made around 60 per square yard.

A 52ins grit millstone 8ins deep from Tuxford Mill in Nottinghamshire fetched 652, wide York stone tabling made around 8/ft run, twice weathered 14ins Portland coping made 5.60/ft run, 9ins sq unglazed orange floor tiles made 3.56p, diamond stable pavers made 70p, hogsback ridge made 1.80 ea, pantiles made 16p-72p ea, Staffordshire blue plain pavers made 52p ea, 18 by 10 roof slates made 34p ea.

Top lot at the sale was a gypsy caravan which sold for 5,625 and a carved stone urn, from the Houses of Parliament, by repute, made 1012.

For full results see the link below.

T W Gaze Llp

Gaze: 18 Aug 2012 Architectural Salvage & Statuary sale results

Story Type:  Auction Report

ID: 68765

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