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July 18, 2013, 09:22 PM

What would you do with a Dutch barge board panel?

By Ruby Hazael

Nord (59), France - Antoine Huguet from Architecture et Materiaux Authentiques in Northern France is currently buying unwanted timber boarded panels from Dutch barge boats. He says there is a constant supply of these reclaimed timber panels, as they are replaced by the barge owners every five years or so.

The panels of timber boards are tightly secured by metal strips at each end. Antoine explains 'I buy the panels in Holland. They have many canals there, but small ones which means small barges. The panels allow the barge to be split into several levels when the load is not very heavy, or split into different products. This means they are used to being wet and then dry, which makes the panels perfect for patios or for decking. One panel covers approximately one square metre at once, saving time when laying out a deck. Also, they are heavy, so they don't move about; up to 70 kg for a big panels.'

'The barges change their panels every five years, so I have a constant supply. There are several sizes from 50x110cm to 13x140cm. At present, the stock is only 140x130 which comes from the bigger barges. The thickness is 4 cm. If buying large quantities, I sell them from 30 Euros/mē. Do you know of any cheaper decking flooring!?'

Mr Huguet brought a coffee table and arm chair to Salvo Fair 2013, that he had made from the barge panels. 'They have many uses. As well as making great table tops, the panels can be used vertically for counter faces, partition walls, doors and much more. Each panel just needs a strong brushing to go inside. A waxed finish is gorgeous. Excellent green-waste reuse value.'

See Antoine Huguet's blog for details on this and other items he has in stock. Tel: +33 6 84 84 88 44

Where is reclaimed flooring heading?

Antiques Deco Ltd.

Architecture et Materiaux Authentique blog

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