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July 05, 2017, 11:53 AM

What happens to London's salvageable building materials?

By Thornton Kay

Kensington refurb 90% reusable, 95% trashed [photo Salvo

London South West, UK - The London Assembly's environment committee is calling for evidence about the city's waste generation, handling and disposal, to help the mayor develop an environment strategy covering waste reduction and the circular economy, recycling and energy from waste. The LWARB (London Waste and Recycling Board) looks into the city's environmental impacts and benefits with a remit that includes the reclamation and reuse of salvageable building material arising from demolition and refurbishment of London's buildings.

LWARB would like evidence as to how, and how well, do the Mayor's current policies and programmes promote the sustainable management of London's waste? What new or different ideas and approaches could improve the Mayor's policies? Are there examples from other parts of the country or the world? How should the Mayor change policies or programmes?

The Committee welcomes contributions from members of the public, local authorities, private waste management companies and other stakeholders. Find out more by reading the investigation call for evidence (see link below).

Submissions should aim to address the areas outlined above, and any other issues that may be important for the investigation to cover.

To contribute, please email Grace Loseby, Assistant Scrutiny Manager via dot uk with your views by 28 July 2017.

The carbon benefit of reusing reclaimed building material

London Assembly scoping paper

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