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July 07, 2011, 07:32 PM

Wellers hard work pays off at successful Alscot Bathroom relocation sale

By Thornton Kay

Norman Cockroft stands behind a Wellers auctioneer [photo SK

Pink NeoClassic bathroom suite sold for a bargain 160 [photo SK
Rare unrestored Porcher bath sold for 2,000 [photo Wellers

West Midlands, UK - Norman Cockroft of Alscot Bathroom Company was very pleased with the relocation auction held by Wellers Auctioneers at his Solihull premises on Saturday 2 July 2011.

"It went really well, we had quite a few viewing and leaving bids on Thursday and Friday," he said afterwards. "Wellers worked hard promoting the auction at Salvo Fair and that made a huge difference. The timing was perfect. It was a genuine relocation auction as I have to downsize from two units to one, here at Oak Farm. And although our main business is onsite bath restoration and finishing, I am not giving up dealing in antique bathrooms."

The auction was online, which is now standard practice for Wellers, and had a smattering of trade buyers, as well as interested privates. Pete Watson of Cox's Yard left commission bids, and Simon Kirby of Thomas Crapper, Sam Coster of Mongers and Rupert Woods of Leominster Rec were all bidding in the room.

Simon Kirby commented that there were relatively few present during the sale, but
bidding was brisk on the telephones and via the internet. Wellers did a
most professional job of it.

Mr Cockroft said that Alscot has just completed successful and prestigious bathroom restorations at the Cunard building in Liverpool, and at the United Grand Lodge headquarters in London.

Alscot Bathroom Company

Wellers Auctioneers

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Date Modified: July 08, 2011, 09:59 AM

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