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July 07, 2016, 05:32 PM

Weather vanes at the Gaze architectural salvage sale

By Thornton Kay

MidCentury steel weathervane 80 [photo Gaze

A steel ship and a car vane sold for 20 the pair [photo Gaze
Running fox weathervane 55 [photo Gaze
Arrow weathervane 80 [photo Gaze

Norfolk, UK - Of the 994 lots at Gaze's of Diss on Saturday, several were of old weathervanes of which the most expensive at 130 (no photo) was of wrought iron surmounted by a jumping horse.

Other Gaze weathervanes include a midcentury black steel weathervane with a yellow black and red cockerel with yellow directionals which sold for 32, a modern 'Good Directions' copper dolphin with traditional copper balls and copper directionals, two rusty steel vanes - a sailing ship and an old fashioned car - which sold for 20, a 1971 arrow weathervane and wrought steel directionals at 80, and a midcentury running fox complete with pointing arrow and sheet steel directionals at 55.

The earliest extant weathervane is a cockerel, gilt with silver and copper foil on reused steel armour, dating from 820CE, which was on a church in Brescia (see link), but the oldest in history was a triton vane on the ancient Tower of the Winds in Athens.

As ever, there were plenty of other goodies to be had, so visit the website to see the full results of the 653 lots which found a buyer.

Coming up is Gaze's Modern Design sale on 30th July.

T W Gaze Llp

Wikipedia: Gallo di Ramperto

Story Type:  Auction Report

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