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August 13, 2014, 10:48 PM

Victorian pine board from Birmingham's trendy Jewellery Quarter

By Ruby Hazael

The bedroom of this apartment for sale at Beverley Hall Court in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham retains its original floorboards. Cox's Yard are selling similar flooring from the same area [photo

An example of original, cleaned and waxed pine flooring at Cox's Yard

Gloucestershire, UK - 'Birmingham was a smoky, dirty unloved town.' says Peter Watson, founder of Cox's Architectural Salvage Yard in Moreton in Marsh. After he left school Peter joined Birmingham based Delta Metal, a big brass founder. 'Back then it was still the industrial backbone of the country with thousands of factories bashing metal, injecting plastic and generally polluting the planet. You didn't live in the city if you could help it. You got out.'

Now however, Birmingham is a must visit place in every travel guide. 'The industry has moved to the suburbs or China and the centre is the place to live, especially the trendy jewellery quarter where crowded Victorian sweat shops are being converted into open plan offices and airy loft apartments.'

'Our latest batch of reclaimed pine floorboards has come out of one of these developments. 500 square yards of six inch wide boards in a very mixed state but basically sound.'

'After denailing and end trimming, sorting out oily boards and generally tidying up, there are 300 square yards of good boards. The denailing was a marathon job as it required the removal of thousands of staples used in an earlier laying of hardboard. The record was 240 staples in one 10ft floorboard! Incidentally, the Delta Metal factory is now Aston University.'

Cox's Yard are selling the Jewellery Quarter pine boards at 35 per sq yd + vat. Telephone 01608 652505.

Cox's Yard

Cox's Yard

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