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February 11, 2013, 04:19 PM

Victorian Architectural Features from Buckingham Palace Road

By Nadine Davies

Victorian Portland stone balusters

Acanthus leaves capital
Revolving doors
Corner of Victoria st

London North, UK - Last month, Jason salvaged a number of spectacular pieces from a prestigious Central London location. A large corner plot at the intersection between Buckingham Palace Road and Victoria Street in Victoria is due to be redeveloped. We took the opportunity to save what we could from the assortment of grand and remarkable buildings.

Amongst the interesting and impressive items to be salvaged were a selection of Victorian Portland stone capitals, decorated with beautifully carved, elegant acanthus leaves, as well as a large number of original, Victorian balusters from the balustrade at the top of the striking corner building.

On the same plot, from a later building, Jason removed a magnificent set of revolving doors, in solid mahogany with elegant bevelled glass glazing. These doors came out of the former Thistle hotel, along with a large set of graceful, swan neck lights in lacquered aluminium. Both items are now on our website, and are already getting much interest.

You can see all of the mentioned items on our website or Facebook page.

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