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November 25, 2015, 06:52 PM

Truly reclaimed Christmas with unique gift ideas

By Shirley Kay

Vintage kitchen scales Architectural Forum

Mersey flour mill sacks Teeside Architectural Salvage
Assorted flat irons Heavenly Metal
Antique Hogshead pub sign Bygones

London West, UK - Find genuine reclaimed, salvaged, antique, vintage or retro gifts for sale on SalvoWEB to make a really original Christmas gift choice. Items can range from something practical and useful to something completely decorative or just simply fun.

This is serious guilt free shopping too and with the world focused on climate change at the UN conference in Paris what better way to show support than by buying something old rather than new.

I have picked just a few items from the selection for sale on SalvoWEB that may appeal but enjoy a good rummage yourself around the website and find a section of unique gifts to suit every pocket and lifestyle. Don't miss the home page button links to many top architectural salvage dealer websites or see the directory for a local salvage or antiques showroom. Some even have special Christmas shopping events like WRS, Yew Tree Barn, Cumbria which is holding a Christmas market on 5th and 6th December.

Finally a great gift for anyone you know doing a renovation project in the new year would be a Salvo Pack. The pack includes 300 handy hints on buying and using architectural salvage, a local area directory and discount vouchers. Currently available for the London region for 19.95 or Oxfordshire region 9.95. Other areas maybe available on request.

Happy hunting and find a unique gift that is sure to make someone else happy too.

Heavenly Metal

Bygones (Prev Kent Reclamation)

Teesside Architectural Salvage Ltd

Wilson Reclamation Services Ltd (WRS)

Architectural Forum

SalvoWEB online marketplace
Salvo Packs

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Date Modified: November 26, 2015, 12:11 AM

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