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December 17, 2014, 12:49 PM

Trends for interior design feature eco reclaim and reuse

By Shirley Kay

Reclaimed comfort with fridge Vintage fridge

Reclaimed upcycled pine and cast iron industrial table V&V
Yellow reclaimed window mirror Architectural Forum
Antique cart Everything Old Canada

Nova Scotia, Canada - Eco friendly use of natural elements and the demand for unique styling will make reclaimed materials and architectural salvage a hot trend for interiors in 2015. Unique character and charming detail are key, and interior styling will be all about individuality and creative reuse.

The Lushome blog lists the main trends:

1. Fusion of styles, materials and decoration patterns
Mixing old and new to create stylish, comfortable and interesting living spaces. Connecting the old with the fresh means mixing reclaimed, antique and vintage with modern decor.

2. Interior decorating materials
Salvaged wood, stone and metal are popular. The natural materials create warmth, elegance and luxury too. The contrast of metal and wood can be seen in furniture design. Metal bases or frames on chairs, tables, beds and in lighting fixtures are a trend for 2015. Unique reclaimed upcycled furniture can be found on SalvoWEB and at your local architectural salvage yard, or you may be tempted to create your own.

3. Colours
A pleasant feel can be created with natural room colours such as soft pastels, grey, soft black and creamy white tones. Eco friendly paints that care for the environment are now on trend. Fabric features both ethnic and neutral options such as washed linen for sofas, bedding and lampshades. But bright colour pops are still evident such as mustard yellow, mauve, purples, rich blue and pink and these go well with vintage furniture finds.

4. Natural themes and organic design
The trend here is in creating green eco friendly spaces. Green walls, large windows, nature inspired wallpaper and plants all feature. Ideas here could include beautiful stained glass windows, mirror windows, reclaimed shutters, reclaimed doors and antique panelling can be used to make room dividers, headboards and statement internal features.

5. Modern interior decorating in retro styles
This combines rustic and retro styles for comfort and class to create a gorgeous yet still functional living or working space. Again, reclaimed styling fits perfectly here so check a salvage showroom for inspiration.

6. Reuse and recycle ideas
The reuse of old materials and secondhand furniture create an individual unique look for your interior. Architectural salvage yards, antique and charity shops all provide great sources for your own unique finds. Handcrafting using reclaimed materials is also great if it is done well. Items that have already been repurposed and upcycled can be found online at SalvoWEB.

7. Versatile design
This includes furniture, lighting, and decor that works both inside or outside the home. The idea combines versatility with organic design and reclaimed natural materials work well here too at bringing the outside in or the inside out. Ceramic, stone, brick and rustic wood are all good examples.

See the link for the popular US based, Bob Vila blog which also confirms a reclaim and reuse interiors trend for 2015. Stating that repurposed materials like reclaimed wood, bathroom, old brick and vintage glass will make trendy touches.

Find local architectural salvage and reclamation yards, antique and charity shops worldwide on the SalvoWEB directory. See SalvoWEB on Instagram or Salvowebpins on Pinterest for more reclaimed design inspiration.

Everything Old Canada

V&V Reclamation

Cast Iron Reclamation Co

Architectural Forum

Lushome: 7 Modern Interior Trends 2015
Bob Vila blog:Experts Predict the Most Popular Remodeling Projects of 2015

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