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June 07, 2012, 11:51 AM

'Trash To Treasure' plans to visit Salvo Fair

By Thornton Kay

Dale Sumner and Moses after Michelangelo [photo ITV Trash To Treasure

Berkshire, UK - We are halfway through the six part series, on prime time ITV at 7.30 on Tuesdays, of the re-edit of last year's History Channel RDF production 'Seeking Salvage', now renamed 'Trash To Treasure', with Dale Sumner and Paul Johnson of Ribble Reclamation and Trevor and Lee Jones of Beeston Reclamation. Barry Hecker, the series producer tweeted: Excellent figures for Trash to Treasure @ITV last night, averaging 12.4% and 2.8 million viewers.

Planning for a second series is underway, and Paul Johnson aims to film Ribble out buying on the trade day of Salvo Fair at Stubbings on Friday 22 June. For the next series he would like to see more factoids and historical snippets about the stock and more trade personalities. Paul has been a keen reclaimer Salvo supporter since the early days in the 1990s.

This week Lee bought a 1930s tiled bedroom fireplace for 10, Trevor was out on a demolition buying reclaimed handmade bricks and Yorkstone flags hoping for 100,000 and 1000sqm respectively but getting slightly less, Dale was showing off his impressive 55,000 carved Portland figure of Moses (which may be Vicenza, after Michelangelo from the Tomb of Pope Julius II at St Peter's, Rome), and Paul enlightened us about tyre-kickers.

The previous two editions - all three still available on ITV Catchup - featured some concrete and cast iron repro, oak beams, garden ornament and York stone flags, as well as a lot of banter from the four main protagonists whose antics are a feature of the series.

Next week's episode includes the lads on a day trip to one of Gaze's salvage sales last year.

Salvo Fair

Ribble Reclamation

Beeston Reclamation

ITV: Trash To Treasure

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