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May 27, 2011, 01:42 PM

Too mad for Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, but mad enough for Salvo Fair

By Lawrence Skilling

Llewellyn-Bowen looks furtively for the exit

Surrey, UK - Meanwhile, back in the UK, I finally got around to looking at this old recorded programme of 'House Gift' with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. This is one of those shows that make you realise that being unemployed is no picnic. No money, no future and stuff like this to fill your days. Anyway, the premise of 'House Gift' is that sundry house owners who have no taste or style call in Laurence and his two random girl designers to show them the way with new knick knacks, ornaments and various dust gatherers.

Lawrence came and visited our warehouse to see if there was something unusual and unique for this one beige-strapped couple and ultimately decided that our stuff was simply too unusual and unique. Sigh. As he presented Gavin and Stacey, or whatever their names were, with a picture frame, a lava lamp, or something, he made it clear what a narrow escape they had had. Cheers for that Larry.

In the lower photo, as evinced by his expression, he explains how you'd pretty much have to be mad to put our furniture into a normal home… Still, he was very friendly to our folks here, signed a card and brought a fleeting sense of showbiz glamour to the farm. Fantastic hair as well.

[Chancellors will be appearing at Salvo Fair again this year, the only salvage business which has pitched out at all eleven since 1997 - Ed]

Antique Church Furnishings


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