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February 11, 2015, 03:35 PM

Tiny home empowering women

By Shirley Kay

A tiny house in the Arizona petrified forest [photo cc Guillaume Dutilh

Texas, USA - It all began when Toni Cyan-Brock was determined to change her life to make it less stressful. However you would not have guessed a stress free life would involve building a tiny home from trash. The stress of not having enough money to cover a mortgage loan is a common problem these days so many would understand her motivation of wanting to achieve her dream of owning her own home.

Toni, based in Amarillo,Texas went round her local area collecting wood from trash cans and architectural salvage from dumpsters to build the home of her dreams. She built it all from the ground up and now hopes to encourage others to realise they too can become homeowners.

However Toni has added an extra dimension to the idea and she has now become an inspiration to other young women. Her own story and strength of character must have helped to encourage a local organisation, Blue Economy to team up with her with the aim of empowering other women. The first house they are building together is predominantly for women who have had problems with addiction, homelessness and abusive relationships. Local girl scouts have also become involved in the project.

The house includes solar windows, a compost toilet and a stick burning stove. This independence and greener lifestyle is not as expensive as you may think. The total cost of building this tiny home is only $3,800. All I can say is 'show me the way to Amarillo.'

News Channel 10: "Tiny Home" inspires big dreams for young women

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