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June 04, 2015, 09:54 PM

Tin tabernacle and Gothic garden house coming to Salvo Fair

By Ruby Hazael

LASSCO's Love Lane tin tabernacle shepherd's hut coming to Salvo Fair this June [photo LASSCO

LASSCO's Love Lane tin tabernacle shepherd's hut coming to Salvo Fair this June [photo LASSCO
The tabernacle is made of corrugated steel with salvaged fixtures and fittings [photo LASSCO
James O'Donnell uses reclaimed flooring, timber, panelling and roof slates, along with faithful reproductions of ceiling panels, facia boards and wall panelling to create his gothic garden house [photo: James O'Donnell
The interior of the Gothic Garden House coming to Salvo Fair 2015 at Fawley Hill, Henley-on-Thames [photo James O'Donnell

Oxfordshire, UK - The theme of this year's Salvo Fair is Tiny Salvaged Spaces, an exhibition of shepherd's hut, summerhouses, reclaimed sheds and livings wagons. A fantastic display of various small buildings which could be used as garden offices, sleepover cabins, festival accommodation or places for relaxing will be arranged around Fawley Hill's Iron Henge to make a grand entrance to this year's Salvo Fair.

One such salvaged space will be Love Lane Caravan's tin tabernacle brought along by LASSCO Three Pigeons. Anna and Dan make the tabernacle shepherds huts using lots of reclaimed materials. With a steeply pitched roof, pierced carved gable ends above the rectangular hut, a central door to one long side, the interiors are often decorated with vintage wallpaper and can be fitted with beds, kitchens and a small dining area. The fittings and fixtures are created from salvaged sources. The external walls are clad in corrugated steel panels and raised on a galvanised chassis with tow-bar, a jockey-wheel and a single braking axle.

Anthony Reeve from LASSCO writes 'It was both technology and demand that saw the rise of Tin Tabernacles in Victorian Britain. Corrugated iron was invented in 1837 and corrugated iron buildings were thereafter more prevalent than you might think. Conceived as semi-permanent structures, often as non-conformist chapels, they have certainly lasted far longer than their creators ever envisaged. They can still be found lurking in the buddleias in the outskirts of many towns and villages. They are wonderful buildings, economic and very useful, so LASSCO has teamed-up with Love Lane Caravans in order to re-create them. But, as you can see, ours are on wheels!'

'It is ideal for summer dining, kids' sleep-overs, a garden-room office, guest room or simply as an idyllic space to while away long sunny afternoons. You can move it to a new position in your gardens every weekend. It is road-legal, on a single braked axle, so you can take it with you whenever you like. And being on wheels it doesn't require planning consent. It is bigger and better than a Shepherd's Hut and you saw it here first! We think it is perfect for a Country Estate - whether for private use or for Events, Exhibitions or Festivals.'

Another smaller handmade salvaged space will travel down from Lancashire with its maker, James O'Donnell. His bespoke garden house has been created using a mix of original church salvage such as oak parquet flooring, panelling, windows, slate roof tiles, gothic panels and timbers, plus new materials such as wood cladding, framework and insulation to create a structure that can be enjoyed all year round.
There are stained glass windows and doors and the ceiling panels were copied from an original Pugin cast iron panel. The fireplace is made from timber with an oak mantelpiece and a marble hearth, ready for the possible installation of a wood burning stove. Both gable ends have been wallpapered using William Morris 'Thistle'.

James O'Donnell said 'I'm really looking forward to exhibiting the gothic garden house at Salvo Fair. I have plenty of ideas for new small buildings and lots of reclaimed materials, especially church salvage ready to use in them. I am busy with other projects but would really like to be making these wonderful little rooms full time.'

See LASSCO's Love Lane Tin Tabernacle and James O'Donnell's Gothic Garden Room at Salvo Fair on 27th and 28th June with Trade Day on Friday 26th June at Fawley Hill, Henley-on-Thames RG9 6JA.

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Lassco's tin tabernacle made by Love Lane Caravans
James O'Donnell's Gothic Garden House

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