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June 30, 2016, 07:02 PM

The style sanctuary that is Norwich

By Sara Morel

The Plantation Garden ęStyle Salvo
Retreat Vintage ęStyle Salvo
Norwich Cathedral ęStyle Salvo

Norfolk, UK - More medieval churches than any Western European city north of the Alps. Welcome to the wonder that is Norwich. Drawn to Norwich to see Macc play a live drum 'n' bass show at The Owl Sanctuary, it was not until the next day in a vintage boutique that I learnt about the crowdfunding campaign that recently saved the music venue from closure. Surrounded by the sweetest smelling vintage apparel I have come across, the pink haired owner of Retreat Vintage told me crowdfunding raised enough to secure The Owl Sanctuary's new venue on Timber Hill, where the music and their non profit organisation, The Norwich Soup Movement continues. The sense of community in this city spun me like a walk through the labyrinth of the Norwich Lanes.

Home to a unique DIY music venue that also feeds and clothes the homeless, independent shops selling antiques, vintage fashion, vinyls and a Grade II listed Gothic garden that all feel like secrets to find, Norwich became my new style sanctuary. Local brand and business partnerships were everywhere, like The Birdcage, a pub that allows patrons of industrial chic chippy, Grosvenor in to eat their Big Macks whilst enjoying their beverages. Big Mack meaning mackerel dish, not McDonald's, which of course Norwich also has, but this city is doing something right and it conjures the idea that community can help save declining independent brick and mortar shops.

The industrial chairs in the image could be authentic industrial salvage but maybe simply a copy. There are many reproductions which copy the look of antique, vintage and salvaged items on the market and it it often difficult for most people to tell the difference between a copy and a genuine item. Any comments welcome.

See the SalvoWEB directory to explore Norfolk further and discover antique and vintage markets, auctions, antique shops and architectural salvage yards.

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Retreat Vintage
Grosvenor Fish Bar

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