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January 29, 2015, 01:06 PM

The Searchers

By Sara Morel

Shoewardrobe shoe #salvie [photo © Style Salvo

The Searchers [photo © Style Salvo
UK Heritage chandelier [photo © Style Salvo
Andy Warhol (Posterity) [photo © Style Salvo

Hereford & Worcs, UK - What does the beginning of a new year mean to you? Like many, my new year signifies a new (reclaimed) start. As the 2015 'to do' list grows in search of our new beginning, it's good to be kind to yourself, so I started mine with a road trip to the Wye Valley in search of a salvaged shoe wardrobe.

Having spotted salvaged doors from UK Architectural Heritage on SalvoWEB, the world's ebay for salvage, antiques and reclaimed materials, I took the trip to take a closer look. You can do so much salvage shopping online, but the doors to my shoe wardrobe required a face to face meeting.

Despite all my shoe wardrobe design dreams, I could not have imagined the doors that I found. When you find your first statement piece, it all starts falling into place say the experienced salvage searchers. Way out west, a night in the Kilpeck Inn, John Wayne's 'The Searchers' watched, a pair of 19th century French doors purchased and my vision for the flat is taking shape.

Next stop Posterity Wharf Gallery, which combines modern art, antiques and salvage. Not on the 'to do' or 'to buy' list, but my first purchase led me to this lovely handpainted print. Pure Evil. What can I say? It matched the pale purple doors of my new shoe wardrobe…

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

UK Architectural Heritage

Wye Valley Reclamation


Style Salvo
SalvoWEB Hereford & Worcs: 'the world's ebay for salvage, antiques and reclaimed materials'

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