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June 13, 2013, 09:32 PM

The Post Office and our kind customers

By Lawrence Skilling

California, USA - We're used to the Post Office and other courier firms mashing up our parcels. In our time we've had a large brass cross bent literally in half. Parcels that have been returned covered in boot prints where they have been stamped to pieces. A wooden crate carefully prised open so that the contents could be broken.

So, when someone buys a plaster statue I try and do a good job on the wrapping. St Mary above had to go to San Francisco and according to Gabrielle, our dear customer, the packing had been pretty good. If only the package hadn't been completely immersed in water for a large part of the three day transit. We had opted for Air Mail as opposed to Sea Mail and can only assume that the Royal Mail had organised some sort of bath full of water in which to transport our statue. Essentially, St Mary arrived with most of the cardboard having dissolved along with Mary's right hand.

Insurance? Well according to the Parcelforce list of excluded items, plaster is not covered. In fact pretty much anything which isn't reinforced steel is not covered by any Royal Mail insurance. Which means effectively they can nick it, lose it, smash it or bath it and there's nothing you can do.

Anyway, we tried to settle some kind of refund with Gabrielle and there followed this slightly Kafkaesque dialogue where we offered her money and she kept turning us down. Her view seemed to be that Mary's missing hand was an opportunity to do something beautiful with flowers. A kind of philosophy running counter to that of the Royal Mail. Instead of a list of excuses and exclusions a list of solutions and inclusions. Thanks Gabrielle; you definitely have a credit with us.

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